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Why Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last And How You Can Finish First

nice guys dont finish last
nice guys dont finish last

Why some guys really finish last

Why nice guys don’t finish last. Jenna explains why you are actually not getting the girl that you want. I don’t leave you hanging though, because I then tell you what you need to do to get the girl. But before we get to my points, I’m going to summarize Jenna’s points for you. If you watch the video she adds a little dazzle and jokes but if you want to just get to the bottom of this, just skip the video. Right or wrong, I’m going to cut to the chase, and hopefully give you a better idea of what you need to do.

You’re over simplifying the problem by saying ‘Nice Guys Finish Last’

Now these points are her opinion. She might be right on this. Even if you don’t agree, “perception is reality.” She has nearly 4.5 million views with like 99% thumbs up, which indicates a lot of people, mostly girls, DO agree with her. So take notes. After I summarize her points I’m going to give you a few more personal tips that have proven helpful to me in the past.

Reasons Why “Nice Guys” Don’t  Really Finish Last – By Jenna Marbles:

  • You need to date someone in your own league. Be it looks, money, personality, or what ever it is–the best relationships are with an equal who has similar interests.
  • Date someone for the right reasons. If you want to date someone just because they are hot–yes, as a guy I understand where you’re comming from. But don’t be that shallow. As Jenna explains, you are probably setting yourself up for failure. Deeper connections lead to feelings that are a million times better than a hot girl you just want to hook up with.
  • It is hard to find someone to like and who likes you. If it were easy, then it wouldn’t be any fun once you find them. It wouldn’t be as rewarding and you wouldn’t appreciate them as much.



My Opinion:

Get to know who you are and learn to love it. Being who you are is most important because the person you find should love you for who you are and your quirks.

Remember: If you don’t look for a girl, chances are you will find one. If you look for a girl, they will notice any desperation.

Find a girl in the right place. If you are looking for something serious, bar and club aren’t the greatest areas to find someone.

I hope these tips helped. If you have anything to add, leave a comment. For more on this topic, check out the post below!

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