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Watch Lions trying to Attack Babies at the Zoo!

Lion eating people
Lion eating people

This is the second video I have seen of a lion trying to have a snack at the zoo. The poor baby in the first video is already stripped like a Zebra, I think is asking for it. The second watches in amazement as the lion does everything he can to break through the damn glass.

I am a little disturbed by the parents reaction as much as I feel for the lion who doesn’t know better and is probably looking for a good old fashion meal. I mean, you put a Big Mac behind some glass when I’m starving and I might call it torture. Let’s hope the Zoo keepers took note and maybe fed them a little more.

The parents describe the first videos in the YouTube posting:

At the zoo in Portland, Oregon the usually lazy lioness, Kya, tries desperately to eat my son through the glass. Jack is coincidentally dressed like a baby zebra in his black and white striped hoodie. He is brave though and calls her “kitty kitty”. That’s my boy.

Video Part 1

Video Part 2

Another incident where a lion is teased by a baby…. 2 for flinching.

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