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5 Qualities Guys Like in a Girlfriend


adies, there are many qualities guys will like about you, but I’ve put this list together from my own personal dating experience and countless conversations with my friends and other guys about this. I hope by the end of this you will understand what guys look for in a keeper.


What kind of girl are you?

Before you build your reputation, know who you want to be and what you want guys to think of you. While the show generally only provides the opportunity to laugh at other people’s stupidity, there are terms taken from the Jersey Shore that are actually really accurate as to what college guys think and talk about when you aren’t there. Let me clarify the context of the terms so you can understand what class you might want to fall under.

a) Slampiece= Congrats! You are hot… but not much else.

  • What is a slampiece? Well, let me explain: when guy-A goes on spring break, his buddy, guy-B, will ask when he comes home, “How many slampieces did you slay?” — Translation: How many hot chicks did you bang? So, in other words, you are a chick he doesn’t plan on seeing again. He thinks of you strictly as someone to lust over and nothing more. It is worthy for attention, but not respectable if you actually want to be girlfriend material. Now, let’s say you actually want to be girlfriend material after you were a slampiece for the attention and fun of it, honestly, your reputation might be tarnished. If the guy you want to be with finds out you were the girl who some guy hooked up with and left, that will be a HUGE turnoff. — Think about it; would an employer hire someone with a clean record, or someone who has a long list of men, ahem, I mean misdemeanors. This is all relative, you could say the same about him, and how much is too much is up to you– something to keep in mind.

b) Wifey= Let’s be honest; what most girls really want at the end of the day.

  • To become a wifey you need to know a few things. You will be the girl a guy sees himself with, the girl a guy may actually fall for, and the girl who has the qualities men can tolerate in the long run. What qualities are those? Well, they can vary from guy to guy. It depends on what kind of guy you go for.
  • So, if being a slampiece is what you want, go dance on a bar somewhere. If you’re ready for something a little more serious, read on.
  • Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging. I will give you 5 qualities that I look for when I’m looking for wifey. I have discussed these qualities with many other guys and they seem to be pretty popular.


Qualities Guys Like in a Girlfriend:

  • Classy: This is extremely important. Be a girl I have to work for. If I can tell you are easy, you are not valuable. Anything worth having I should have to work for. Make sure you compose yourself this way and guys will pick up on that. And it will keep you with a good track record. Avoid looking easy at all costs.
  • Sweet: If men are with a girl all the time, it’s really great to have someone who is kind and easy-going. If a girl seems like she’s always fighting with people and causing drama, it’s a turn off. Men don’t want to be involved with more problems.
  • Sense of Humor: This is vital. I’m telling you girls, this is the key to getting past the lust and sex vision men have. When a guy can sit there and laugh his ass off with you, you have a great shot at winning him over. Find someone with a similar sense of humor because they vary. If most of his jokes are good, then you’re in good shape.
  • Smart: You need to be smart. Period. There are way too many girls out there who think it’s cute to be a ditz, but you know what, many guys take that as a sign to take advantage of you– just hook up with the ditz, what does she care, she’s just the ditz. But if we meet a girl who understands “it” and gets “it”, then you can play the game too. If we can sit there and have a good conversation with you about a deeper topic than what the Kardashians are up to, then you’re on the right path. Have a little more to you then what’s expected– something unique and interesting. Guys love that.
  • Knows how to have fun: If we take you out and you have fun, then you are compatible. If we take you out and you are complaining the entire time, something is always wrong, or you can’t seem to be happy– no. Guys look for a girl who is enjoyable and can have fun. So learn how to enjoy the hiccups in the dates.


I hope this article helped out. Share your thoughts with a comment below. So, ladies, are you a Wifey or a Slampiece?


Alex Cruz

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