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Euro Trip: Helpful Tips for the Traveling Student

euro trip college
euro trip college

1x1.trans Euro Trip: Helpful Tips for the Traveling Student



y good friend David Suave is an avid traveler who’s been studying abroad for a couple years now. He’s been zippin’ around Europe like he runs the place, so I asked him to give me some tips to share with LTCL Magazine readers. With this kind of insight, I’m sure we can all avoid a few headaches on our next vacation.  Any student traveling to Europe on vacation or studying abroad should take note. Save yourself embarrassment and money with the following advice:


1x1.trans Euro Trip: Helpful Tips for the Traveling Student

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1) When in Rome do as the Romans do

You may be proud of your heritage but you don’t want to stand out like a elephant among the wolves. Nothing screams foreigner more than a tshirt, baggy jeans and tennis shoes. Do yourself a favor buy a few nice dress shirts, chino slacks and loafers. Women, it is acceptable to wear rather riskay clothing so break out that little black dress or your slut costume from last Halloween.



2) Master Public Transportation

Since you won’t have a car and taxi’s can be expensive, learn the transit system well. A few systems such as Madrid’s even have an App to help you navigate. Not only is this method cost effective but it also is quick.

1x1.trans Euro Trip: Helpful Tips for the Traveling Student

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3) Easyjet and Ryan Air

When traveling within the European Union use Easyjet and Ryan Air. They offer extremely low prices on air fare. For extra savings try booking flights on Thursdays for weekend travel. The one down fall of these airlines is early morning flight times typically between 6 and 7 am. For travel outside the E.U. use Edreams.com. It will give you an entire list of airlines flying to your destination along with prices.



1x1.trans Euro Trip: Helpful Tips for the Traveling Student

4) Pick Pockets

Times are tough and unemployment is at an all time high. Be careful of pick pockets when you are in large crowds, at the bar or on the transit system. Never carry valuables if you don’t need to and be sure to have multiple copies of your passport.


Hope you find helpful tips when traveling to Europe useful. Do you think there are any tips we missed? Let us know with a comment below.

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