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Lawrence Young Makes Video to Get Into Dream College

Lawrence Young Michigan
Lawrence Young Michigan

Achieving your dreams takes heart dedication, and a great voice.

American Idol, er, I mean, University of Michigan admitted Freshman Lawrence Young after he uploaded a YouTube video covering “I want you back” by the Jackson 5. According to the Huffington Post he was one of 14,659 others on this list, where the odds of being selected are .3 percent.

This goes to show you that maybe you can do something if you stand out from the crowd. After all, I’m pretty sure this is good practice for landing a job after he gets that degree.

What I don’t understand is why he wants to go to a big name school that sells merchandise all over the country and resorts to a cut out of the logo tapped to his shirt– This led me to the conclusion that he probably isn’t going for the athletics.

In case you would like more information about being admitted into a top college:


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