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Major-ly Cute Valentine’s Date Ideas

valentine's date ideas
valentine's date ideas

Valentine’s date ideas? It’s that time of year again. Girlfriends are getting their hopes up high, boyfriends are stressing about how not to drop the ball, and single people are griping about “greeting card holidays”. Well, I’m here to help! I’ve thought up some ideas for a fun Valentine’s Day based on your sweetheart’s major, so whether they’re a art history enthusiast or a future veterinarian, you can be sure to make their heart melt on February 14th.


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English Major

The Place(s):
  1. Do your best to find an extensive used bookstore, and give them a price limit for however many they can choose. This may take hours!
  2. Find a film adaptation of their favorite classic novel and watch it… no matter how old or cheesy it may be.
The Gift(s):

A lady will love this Jane Austen handbook, and a gentleman will get a kick out of this ampersand bottle opener. For a unisex gift that’s sure to please, try this quill & scroll calligraphy set! Also, a love poem that you wrote yourself or a piece of prose praising their good qualities is sure to melt any literature lover.


cafe people watching date


The Place(s):
  1. Have a people watching date. Find a café with excellent windows or outdoor seating, order coffees, and enjoy the strange things you see people doing. Try to analyze why they’re acting strangely.
  2. Enjoy a movie like “A Beautiful Mind”, “Sybil”, or “Silver Linings Playbook.”
The Gift(s):

I can’t tell you what to get them! They’ll want something you picked out. They like to know why people do what they do, after all…


Design/Art/Art History

Valentines date ideas

The Place(s):
  1.  Go paint something! Many college towns have a do-it-yourself pottery painting shop like this one: Painted Plate in Olympia, WA.
  2. Next, head on over to a local art gallery or arts museum. He or she will love checking out the arts scene in your area. If, however, the local stuff is old news, try heading a few towns over!
  3. Finally, your place. Have all the fixings for making your own pizzas, and make sure that you’ve got ingredients of many different colors! You should each try to make yours a work of art. The melted cheese may end up looking less like a Rembrandt and more like a Picasso, but it will be fun all the same.
The Gift(s):

For a lady, get her these awesome Starry Night Knee Socks and some off-the-wall flowers (she won’t want your typical roses).

For the gentleman, try this Aphrodite USB Hub or the Simple Still Message Board from Modcloth.


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Animal Science

The Place(s):
  1. Take him or her to check out the cuties at your local animal shelter.
  2. Sit in the park and have a picnic. Bring a book about bird watching and see what wildlife your city has to offer.
The Gift(s):

Get him or her this awesome Pet’s Eye View camera from Fred Flare so that they can see through their favorite animal’s eyes for a day. Get them an awesome animal-themed tee, too! Here’s one for dudes, and one for the ladies.


college date ideas


The Place(s):
  1. Check into a fancy high-rise hotel near your campus, where lots of the business professionals in the area will have meetings and conferences. Enjoy the exposure.
  2. Eat at the hottest restaurant in the area; it’s sure to be crawling with top professionals.
The Gift(s):

A business or economics major will always have a use for a high quality watch. Drop a little dough to get them a timepiece that will last them years, and impress at an interview. Here’s a Fossil option for guys, and one for the ladies.


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valentine's day present ideas


The Place(s):
  1. Play Operation! Whoever wins the best two out of three (most likely them, but that’s the point) gets to choose a restaurant.
The Gift(s):

This anatomically correct plush heart is sure to make any pre-med student giggle, plus it’s adorable. Also, check out this prescription bottle beer cozy and an organ transplant lunch box for those long days stuck on campus!


cute valentine's day date ideas


The Place(s):
  1. Have a Lego building competition at your place.
  2. Go explore a cool science museum, like The Exploratorium in San Francisco.
The Gift(s):

Get this pocket microscope for any aspiring scientist. For a mathematically minded lady, buy her this gorgeous Cute & Astute necklace from Modcloth.


There you have it: the collegiate guide to wooing your Valentine. Have any other suggestions for a major that I missed? Leave ideas in the comments below!


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