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Dress to Impress on New Years Eve! – Dress Looks & Ideas

The holidays are upon us. Wreaths are being hung, hot chocolate is being sipped and finals are almost here. Everyone is getting excited for break and also the holidays. But don’t forget about the big party coming- New Years Eve! But what to wear? You have to look hot but want to still look classy. Here are some dress styles to consider for your New Years Eve.


1. Add some sequins

Sequins are starting to pop up everywhere! Sequin dresses are an awesome way to stand out at a party. Rock a dress with just a few rows or all over. Metallic colors are very popular for sequins- think gold, silver and bronze. But navy, black and multi-color are also choices. If the dress is entirely sequined, make sure it either has a liner or you buy a slip so the sequins do not irritate your skin.


2. Try a wrap dress

Wrap dresses look good on everyone. A wrap dress is one that has one side that wraps around the front and ties or is stitched at the side. This style gives those without curves some shape and shows off the curves others have. Find these in bold solids, animals prints and fun patterns. A wrap dress might seem a little too business like for a New Years party, but add some stellar high heels and knock out jewelry to take it up a notch.




3. Dare to wear a cut out

If you really want to stand out, try finding a dress with an interesting cut out. Side cut outs have become a huge hit this year. Also look for shoulder, back and stomach cut outs. Be conscious of your body type when looking for a cut out style:  if you have a very straight body or narrow waist, stay away from side cut outs because they will hang off of your body. If you have broad shoulders or a bigger chest, go for the shoulder cut outs. Try to stick with only one area for a cut out to reduce the chances of  showing too much skin.


4. Semi show some skin

Mesh is a great way to show some skin while still being semi covered up. A long sleeved mesh dress is a great way to stay semi warm if it’s chilly out and still look hot. Black is a predominant color for a dress with mesh, with the entire dress being black or the mesh being black. Try not to wear any pointed earrings or sharp rings if you choose to rock a mesh dress to  avoid snagging your dress! Wear some bright or glittery heels to add some color if the dress is all black.



5. Rock some studs

If you want a bit of an edgier and rock ‘n roll look, wear a dress with some studs! Studs add  drama and interest to any style dress. Go minimal on accessories with a studded dress to give full emphasis to the design. For a bit more feminine, look for a dress that mixes studs and jewels.


All dresses can be found at www.forever21.com

Question: What look are you planning on wearing for NYE 2K13?

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