rom the original American Pie series comes the fourth, errr, eighth movie in the classic set of teen comedies that started back in 1999 by Adam Kernz. These movies turned out to be a box office home run as they introduced the new college generation to the dirty humor and awkward situations we all cant help but to laugh at while trying not to get sick.

American Pie: Reunion will hit theaters in 2012 bringing back the original cast members we all know and love. My personal favorite Stiffler played by none other than Sean William Scott and the rest of the cast: Kevin Myers, Chris “Oz” Ostreicher, and ofcourse Jim Levenstein, who’s dad we cant get enough of.

It seems these college students have grown up and are no longer Living the College Life. Its interesting to see how they have merged into the real world and if the producers can pull off the virgin, awkward college moments we love in the after life of adult hood. Reguardless I think I am going to have to see this as soon as it comes out because I am a loyal AP fan (not including the terrible spin offs they keep trying to make).