Living the College Life


Breakup War Stories 1

Valentine’s Day and Getting Over my Ex

Love War Stories It’s been about a month and a half since I broke up with my ex girlfriend of over 3 years and tonight is Valentine’s Day. What a great night to go out to a college bar with some of your bros!  Let me star...

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

From Player To Gentleman in 3 Steps

Drop the Game and Pickup More Girls? Player. Many college men have discovered that this simple six letter word is admired among fellow men and abandoned by women who’ve learned to know better. Lets be honest, women worth ...
by Armani Alejandro


Weed Influence

Does Weed Attract Girls?

Let’s talk about weed. I don’t smoke it, but I’m around it and the culture quite often, often enough to start to figure out trends of my marijuana-addicted friends and acquaintances. Most of these trends are really simple...
by Armani Alejandro