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Think Like A Man: One Night Stand

The One Night Stand In College

I have both guy and girl friends and they tend to view a one night stand in college differently. So here’s the situation: my best guy friend recently turned to me and told me about one of his sexcapades he was just so proud of. And as a female – I was wondering why I had to hear every detail, but it then occurred that he didn’t care who he was telling; it just had to be told to someone.  On average, men are 18 percent more likely to say they hooked up with someone than women are; can’t say I’m shocked. But that’s not really the point; the point is that girls seem to be getting easier and easier.

He said: It’s not slutty that she slept with me after only meeting me once.

I said: Ask any girl if that makes her questionable, and they’ll say yes.

What guys don’t get is that if a girl is willing to sleep with you after knowing little to nothing about you, then it’s likely she’s spending a lot of time on her back. And you can’t even argue that he’s just down for a hookup.

But it makes me question, are we girls too judgmental of other girls? You know what I say; somebody has to keep the sluts at bay. Not to mention, if we let the carefree-sleep-with-anyone-once girls run free, they’ll ruin the good guys. I am legitimately concerned about the type of guys we are forced to deal with in college. Again, I’m not referring to all guys. I’d like to know just how often guys tell their friends detail by detail a hook up story. And when and where it’s appropriate to make a one night stand a girlfriend. So I asked a few of my guy friends and these are their responses:


The typical fraternity guy:
If I had sex with her the first night, yeah, I’d do it again

The country man:
Sure, I got it in… but there is little to no chance I’ll pursue something.

The math genius:
She’s a slut… doesn’t take much to figure that out.

In the real world man:
If I want to sleep with a girl once, I’ll find someone that I’m not that in to.


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