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Student’s Severe Addiction to Big Mac’s Leads to Infertility


First jobs suck. Everyone always starts their career at a fast food, retail, restaurant working long hours with a boss who’s probably an a**hole. It’s almost like a depressing reality check on how you can make $7 an hour and end up spending half of your little paycheck on gas to get to your crummy job. Nobody likes their first job right? – Wrong.

According to The Sun 16-year-old, Stephanie King, loved her job at McDonald’s. She was able to get the employee discount for breakfast lunch and dinner. Every 4 year old’s dream.

Unfortunately, common sense wasn’t strong with Stephanie as she began to gain weight at an alarming rate.

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The Sun Reports:


She says: “I could choose whatever I wanted off the menu.

“I loved the Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets so I’d choose these with a McFlurry dessert, washed down with Irn-Bru, the fizzy drink sold in some McDonald’s in Scotland.”

A typical breakfast would be a sausage and egg McMuffin with large fries and for elevenses she would have an ice cream cone with a flake. Lunch would be a Big Mac or Quarter Pounder with fries and a Coke.

During her second break, Stephanie would enjoy a McFlurry ice cream.

She says: “Even when I wasn’t working, I’d ditch Mum’s home-cooking and pop in to buy a Quarter Pounder meal.

By the time she was 22 she had gotten huge. We weren’t able to get permission for the pictures but you can just imagine. She get to a point where she stopped having her perionds. This is when she went to the hospitlal and had to come forth with her addiction. Shtephanie explained to the doctor her extreme diet and calorie intake where things began to make more sence. You can infact become infertile due to a diet regiment.
Fortunately she got her life back on track and was able to loose much of the weight.

Now Stephanie weighs 10st 7lb, wears a size ten and is looking forward to a bright future. Stephanie, who admits she was naive not to realise the toll her fast food lifestyle would take on her body, says: “I haven’t had a McDonald’s meal since I left. And I have no desire for one.



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