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New Workout Ideas: Get Fit… But Have Fun!

New Workout Ideas
New Workout Ideas

f you’re anything like me, exercise is not your idea of a good time. You need new workout ideas. The gym may as well be “that shadowy place” that Mufasa warned Simba about in The Lion King. The treadmill is not a tool of fitness, but rather an instrument of torture.

Traditional sports? Ha! With your lack of hand-eye coordination, you’ll likely end up with a soccer ball to the face. So, instead of encouraging you to do the same old fitness routine that you’ve heard about for all of your young adult life, I’m going to give you some ideas about how to actually find a fun, unique, and realistic exercise routine.



New Workout Ideas

Pole Dance

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Despite the negative stigma surrounding the idea of “exotic dancing,” pole fitness is an extremely fun and challenging way to get fit! The actual focus of the sport is not about being “sexy,” but about realizing/improving your own strength and grace. With studios aimed at women and men popping up all around the country, the sport has gained major traction. Competitions are available for participation from beginner to expert levels, but if you’re just looking to tone your core and build upper body strength you can simply take classes to improve your pole skills. Pole classes have become one of the things I look forward to the most every week, and with my local studio offering $5 drop-in classes with every 10th class free, it’s totally feasible for a student to take part in the sport! It will surprise you with its difficulty, and you’ll walk away with pole burns and strained muscles in places you didn’t know existed… but you’ll have such a great time.

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Rock Climb

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Much like pole dancing, rock climbing is an excellent way to build core strength. The best part about it is that you can do it pretty much anywhere: at a climbing gym, on small boulders, or at big mountain ranges! While it’s tempting to just throw on some tennis shoes and go at it in the wild, I’d recommend taking it slow at first; rent some gear at a local climbing gym, start on the easy-rated routes, and work your way up. Once you decide if it’s your type of sport, invest in some gear and take to nature!


Play Quidditch

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Yes, Quidditch… the sport from Harry Potter. Played as a real collegiate sport (sponsorships, official gear, competitive matches and everything) at over 300 universities, this fun activity dreamt up by the eternally creative J.K. Rowling will take your breath away… literally. This game takes it out of you!


Walk a Shelter Dog

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Local shelters are always looking for volunteers to help exercise the animals. If you have a hard time getting motivated to get out of the house and exercise, perhaps a fluffy friend will be just the thing you need. By volunteering an hour or so of your time every week to walk dogs at the SPCA, you’ll get a much-needed dose of puppy love AND a few miles of leg toning.


Get Classy

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Sign up for a class at your university! Many physical education programs offer courses in self-defense, yoga, golf, pilates, bowling, archery, ballet, and other fun activities that require a lot of commitment to learn if done outside of school. You’re already paying the tuition… why not benefit from it both academically and physically?



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