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Fashion Trends- 10 Ways to Push Your Comfort Zone


ave you ever seen someone wear something that you would never wear in a million years?  Bright lipsticks, crazy accessories, or even  a fun colored wig? Why not be that person that’s daring and edgy? Push yourself to try something new the next time you go out. Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and try a new look with the help of these “Fashion Dares”. Whether you decide to make these dares temporary or permanent, these 10 fashion dares will surely help you stand out at the next party or event.


Dark lips:

Blacks, Violets, and Deep blues are not your everyday type of lip colors, but when it comes to making a mysterious/edgy statement these colors can help any look go from soft and cute to chic and trendy.  The trick is to pair the bold lips with a light eye and soft cheeks to balance the heaviness of the lip color.


Statement Lips:

The difference between these bright lips and the dark lips is not their modern/trendy statement but their fun and inviting look. Electric yellows, neon pinks and highlighter greens are a vibrant way to let everyone know that you’re the life of the party. Wearing a bold liner or a smokey-eye will match perfectly with this look.


Shaved head:

Pulling off this look takes a lot of guts. A lot of women spend their time managing their length and cringe when it’s time to get a trim or cut. But since we’re challenging our comfort zone, why not consider shaving a section of your head or the whole thing. When this look is pulled off, it can be completely show stopping. Nothing says “I’m Confident” more than a really edgy look.


Heels without the heels:



When you think about heels the first thing you actually think about are the actual heel, but the funny thing about these heels is that they are missing the main ingredient…the heel. Giuseppe Zanotti is the genius behind this interesting take on fashion. They are fun to look at and despite their appearance they are easy to walk in.

No Make-up:


Some of us can’t live without our mascara, concealer or lip gloss but believe it or not, your face deserves a break. This will give you a chance to take better care of your body in order to achieve a flawless natural look. Go to sleep on time to reduce the bags. Drink lots of water for healthier lashes and exercise more for radiant skin. Your face will thank you later.



Don’t worry, you don’t have to turn into a werewolf or goblin to achieve this look, you’re simply shaping your nails. Paint your nails black like Rihanna for a rock-and-roll look or go light like Rita Ora and have a sophisticated, classy look.


Colored Hair:

Blues, Pinks and Reds oh my! Pulling off these colors in streaks or highlights is easy but what about your whole head?  Nothing screams diva more than a full head of an extreme color. Even if you’re not willing to go the whole nine yards and dye your hair completely, the next time you go out you could try grabbing a colored wig and have fun with it.


Crazy Lashes:


We’re not talking about extra-long lashes we are talking about feathers, rhinestones, and colored lashes. These are perfect for themed parties or a fun girl’s night out. Pair these lashes with a nude lip, and highlighted cheeks for a simple eye popping Vogue look, or compliment the lashes with a colored lip and contoured cheeks for a dramatic full face effect.



Be Jerseylicious:


Whether it’s a cheap costume jewelry or pure gold, bold Jewelry makes bold statements. The Hair Queens of Jersey know exactly how to make sure that their statement jewelry makes statements. Over the top earrings, snake arm bands, chains and spikes galore, nothing is too much. Try mixing a gold leopard ring with an elephant chain necklace, the rules of the wild do not apply with this style. The next time you go out, have fun with mixing prints and over the top hair.



Get Cultured:

Last but not least is getting cultured. Mixing trends from a different country like Japan or South Africa helps make an ordinary outfit pop. Take notes on mixing a little bit of Harajuku flare like a bold Hello Kitty clutch with a little black dress or wearing a combination of dramatic tribal printed shorts with nude heels.


Remember to have fun with these fashion dares and to challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone. In the words of Marilyn Monroe “…it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring”.


Caroline Chabata

Former 2011-2012 Seventeen Magazine Freshman 15 blogger. Free Spirited, and spontaneous. Born and raised in the city, but currently "Living the college life" in the country. Not your traditional girly-girl, currently in a relationship with her Xbox 360. Sophomore at East Texas Baptist University majoring in Mass Communications. Loves blogging, daring fashion trends, and classic black and white movies.