Posted 7/26/12 by Brinton Parker in Fashion

6 Women’s Fashion Trends That are Perfect for Students

Every once in a while, the fashion gods will bless us with a new trend that is comfortable, easy, and stylish. It seems that this season is one for college girls everywhere to rejoice over, because lo and behold there are at least six of these rare trends at play in fashion as you read this. Gone are the days of running late to lecture because your hair wasn’t finished curling, your four-inch wedges slowed you down, or your topcoat wasn’t finished drying… At least for now!

1. Loafers

No longer just for grandpa… Your feet will thank you when you put these on. Acting as sweet relief from the sky-high platforms and pumps of last season, loafers have a refined look that can be spiced up with a chic shade or fun pattern. These are much easier for walking fashionably around campus than other options.

2. Braids

Cue the collective sigh of relief from every long-haired lady in college! The return of the braid to the fashion scene means no more bothering with a curler, straightener, or even a blow dryer. Minimal effort is necessary to throw back one’s locks in a braid, and the waves leftover from the style are also popular in current beauty trends.

3. Muted Nails

Put away the fancy shatter topcoats and bedazzle beads, because muted crème colors are back with a vengeance. Navy blues, berry reds, forest greens, grey-beige hybrids, and varied shades of nude are flying off the shelves at beauty stores. It seems simplicity is making a major comeback.

4. Unique Tees

Historically sported by students at universities worldwide, the tee shirt is now welcomed with open arms by fashion experts. Cropped, cut out, slouchy, and printed tees add an essence of “newness” to an old item.

5. Cropped Pants

Following in the footsteps of the great Audrey Hepburn, college girls everywhere are donning the skinny, cropped pant. Available in basically any color, including the mint green and coral pink that have taken fashion by storm over the past few months, these pants are comfortable and low maintenance. They are also easily imitated… Just cuff the bottoms of a pair of skinny jeans for the same great look but no extra cost!

6. Utility Bags

While they are being disguised with a fancy name, there is no hiding what these bags truly are: chic backpacks! Carrying laptops, books, and supplies around campus has never been so stylish. Thousands of colors, prints, styles, and sizes are popping up in all the favorite clothing stores of young twenty-somethings; all this variety may lead to buying more than one.

Let your hair be free of heat styling, your feet be comfortable, and your ironing board be stowed in the closet for a while. Enjoy the influx of university-friendly styles!

Brinton Parker

Brinton is a third year student at the University of California, Davis and is majoring in English, with a minor in Textiles & Clothing. Her passion (at the risk of sounding extremely cliché) is fashion, as well as writing, cooking, fitness, and movies. Pursuing a career in magazine journalism is the next check on her to-do list.