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4 Easy Steps to Natural Eyes for Fall!

natural eyes makeup for fall
natural eyes makeup for fall


Fall is coming, even if the horrible heat wave has you convinced otherwise! Should you change your makeup along with the season? Of course! Fall is a time of luscious colors and many layers, so one great look is a natural eye. Here are 4 simple steps to achieving the perfect natural looking eyes!





1. Begin with a base

You should ALWAYS begin your eye makeup with a base! Otherwise your eye shadow will fade, crease and/or become less pigmented. I like to use a crème eye shadow close to my lid color or the color of eye shadow I plan to use. For this look, I recommend going for the Revlon Vital Radiance mouse eye shadow. I use the number 2 Pearl Light . You can also use a primer, such as the E.L.F lid primer, but my preference is a crème eye shadow. Crème shadows stick more to the eye shadow and helps it stay pigmented and in place. Simply cover your lid from lash to crease with your primer and you’re done with step 1!


The ELF primer is also a great choice for a base. Helps eye shadow last longer and stay crease free!

Revlon Vital Radiance Mouse Eyeshadow- be sure to pick the color closest to your skin tone.












2. Color the lid, define and highlight

To get a great looking natural eye, it is important to use an eye shadow color close to your natural skin tone. I recommend going a shade lighter in the day and a shade darker for night. Use a medium sized round eye shadow brush to evenly cover your lid with the base color. My favorite for this look is the Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Eye-shadow Duo in Taupe. It comes with a lighter white/brown shadow and a medium toned brown. This duo is great because the lighter color can be used as a base or highlighter and the darker can be used as a base or crease color. I like to use my highlighter before my crease color so that I can blend the darker into the lighter. Use a shimmery light brown or white as a highlighter right below your eyebrow and to your crease. Overshadow by The Balm is an amazing highlighter than can be used on almost any skin tone and with most eye shadow colors. I use “Work is Overrated” but it comes in 4 different colors so you can easily find the one that fits your skin tone! To create depth, use a darker brown between your eyelid and brow bone, right on the crease. A cone shaped brush is the best type to use for contouring because the shape places the eye shadow right into the crease.

This Physicians Formula Eyeshadow is great for this look because of the color combination. I also feels amazingly smooth and light.

Time Balm Overshadow is a fantastic highlighter. Just enough shimmer and comes in 4 different colors!


3. Eyeliner that fits you

Using eyeliner will help define your eyes and make your lashes look more luscious. To get a great looking natural eye, it is important to think about your hair and skin coloring when choosing a color. Blondes should go for a lighter brown and can even go for a shimmery gold. Those with brown hair should choose a moderate brown or a dark olive. Dark and black hair is best to go with espresso or black. To keep it looking natural, make sure to draw a very thin line as close to the lash line as possible. I recommend E.L.F crème eyeliner if you have a steady hand or the Maybeline Line Stylist if you would rather use a pencil. For a bit more drama at night, use a liquid liner to add a bit of fluidity to your line. I love the E.L.F line of liquid eyeliner- you can buy them in a set of 3 which includes black, dark brown and silver.

To add some drama to this look for night, use a liquid eyeliner like these from ELF. It will allow you to have more creativity with your liner and look more bold.


My favorite eyeliner is the ELF cream eyeliner. It goes on smooth and is very easy to control and change up. It comes in tons of colors, so you can do many looks with other colors.













4. Mascara no matter what

This L’Oreal Bare Naturale mascara is amazing for this natural look. It lenghtens lashes without making them look bulky or fake.

I never ever leave the house without mascara. It really helps open your eyes and make you look awake and alert. To gain a more natural lash, use a mascara in a dark brown if you have light to medium hair and black for dark or black. For this look, I recommend L’Oreal Bare Naturale or Almay One Coat Dial Up. The L’Oreal choice does not clump and really keeps the natural look of your lashes, just elongates and darkens them. The Almay kind is a great one for night since you can choose how dramatic the mascara makes your lashes look by choosing 1, 2 or 3 for the intensity.

To be able to add a bit more spunk to this look, use the Almay One Coat Dial Up mascara. It allows you to chose how dramatic you want your lashes to look by simply twisting the bottle’s dial.


 With those 4 steps accomplished, you’re ready to go out and about with a fresh fall look. A natural eye is always a lovely addition to any outfit, so feel free to wear it any time with any style.  This fast and simple look is great for you college ladies with little time to waste.

Do you have a product you like that fits this look? Please leave a comment about it on this post! Also feel free to submit pictures showing this look off and we might highlight you on our website and facebook!

Be on the lookout for the video tutorial for this look coming soon!

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