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Watch Lions trying to Attack Babies at the Zoo!

This is the second video I have seen of a lion trying to have a snack at the zoo. The poor baby in the first video is already stripped like a Zebra, I think is asking for it. The second watches in amazement as the lion does eve...
by Alex Cruz


MUST See Superhero Movies for 2012

Movies for 2012 are promising Well, at least if you like the big summer box office kind of movies. Theaters are preparing for a blood bath between big budget–action packed–super hero movies, all fighting for your a...
by Brandon F



Girl Who Looks Like a Life Size Barbie

Is this real life? Valeria Lukyanova, a Ukrainian model who looks like the real life Barby, is quickly becoming an internet sensation. Her pictures are the center of heated debate as to whether they are a real human or a phot...