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What To Wear on a First Date This Spring and Summer: Top 4 Pink Fashion Trends

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Right now, what’s trending on the runway are all things bright and neon. If the idea of color blocking sends you immediately back into your closet to hide behind that same black shirt and jeans, you can do your brights in moderation, one bright piece at a time. Below are 4 pink fashion trends you can rock on a first date. Pink being the epitome of all thing “woman,” and something to get you noticed when you first walk into that swanky restaurant. Heads will turn, and I promise, it won’t just be your date who will notice. They say confidence is the most attractive quality in a woman, right? That’s why I promote this bright trend for a first date. It shows you’re bold enough to rock it!

1. Pleats in Chiffon

I used to think of pleats only in terms of unflattering school girl uniforms. But pleats have made a comeback, ditching the heavy polyester and large sections and donning breezy chiffon with tiny, feminine sections. If you can’t decide what to wear on a first date, you can never go wrong with wearing the most feminine thing you own as long as it’s activity appropriate.


These three outfits would be great for a classy dinner or a dinner theater. They would be great for an art gallery or a trip to the museum, the ballet or the opera, anywhere you want to show up not too casual, but also don’t want to be over dressed.

Source: via Karly on Pinterest


Remember, when you go with pleats, think tiny and choose flowy, airy fabrics.



I think the key to wearing these kinds of pleats is to either wear them right above the knee, on the knee, or right below the knee. Some women may be able to get away with floor length or mid calf length pleats, but most women will drown in the excess of fabric.

2. The Bright Pink Skinny or Wide Pant

Want to go even more casual but don’t want to look too simple in your jeans and t-shirt? Maybe you’re just meeting up at a bar to play pool and darts and have a beer. Why not try the hot pink pant trend?

You can tone it down by wearing a neutral, feminine top like this:


Or throw in some nautical elements with a navy blazer and striped shirt like this:


If you’re not too keen on the skinny pant trend, you can still pull off the pink pant trend with a wide leg trouser. This look is adorable: (although I might lose some of the hardware. Too much jewelry can put some men off) The lose tank is perfect.

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest


3. Sheer or Flowy Pink Blouse

What else can you wear besides pink pants or pink pleats? How about a lovely sheer-ish blouse?

It doesn’t get much sexier than this:

Source: via Marianne on Pinterest


Sexy without showing off too much skin, cleavage, leg, that’s the sexiest form of sexy. Subtly sexy leaves room for the imagination, and that has more power than showcasing all of your goods. Here’s a lovely flowy sleeveless number with an adorable bow detail on the shoulder.

Source: via Pixel on Pinterest


I found this flowy antique rose top at Target. Score!

4. The Pink Hot Pant

If you have great legs, you might want to get on board with the hot pant trend. These looks would be great to wear to play putt-putt, or if your first date will be at a carnival, fair or outdoor concert. These looks would be cute if you’re just going to meet up for coffee and then walking downtown to check out cute stores. Or maybe you’re just going to throw a frisbee in the park, play on the swings and have a picnic. These outfits would fit the bill. How lovely are these ladies?




And my favorite pink shorts have a nautical hint… side buttons!


Whatever you decide to wear, remember to choose something classy and feminine. And most importantly, if you’re not feeling 100% comfortable, change your outfit! No guy wants to be on a date with a woman who’s constantly having to adjust her top or her skirt every five minutes and is paying more attention to her outfit than to him. Have fun!

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