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10 Signs He Likes You

signs he likes you
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Does he like me as more than a friend?

Wondering if your crush likes you? It’s a simple task to decode if a guy is looking to hook up, but what if he wants to actually date. How do you know if he REALLY likes you?

Guys in college will fall for a girl who is wifey material. Make sure you are showing this kind of potential by reading our earlier post: 5 Qualities Guys like in a Girlfriend. Once you have him in your sight and feel that he might like you, glance over this list and make sure he has some of these qualities as they are usually a good sign if a guy is interested.


So, here are 10 signs a guy will give you if he likes you

  1. He’ll always look at you and look away when you look at him.
  2. When he’s talking to you, he’ll always look at his feet, then in your eyes, then to his feet again.
  3. He’ll laugh at anything you say, and will automatically smile when he see’s you laughing.
  4. He makes fun of you (weird I know, but not all guys do it)
  5. His friends joke about him and you or mention him to you (had to be something to make them say it out of the blue)
  6. He compliments you.
  7. Forgot your jacket? Don’t worry, he’ll give you his.
  8. If he always remembers things you say, even if they seem small. Eg: He never forgets your birthday even though he only heard it once. He remembers your favorite things to do, but forgets a lot of other peoples.
  9. He uses inside jokes in normal conversations just to see you smile.
  10. If he is always happier when he is around you even if he doesn’t talk or do anything.
So, ladies, what is a sign you get when a guy likes you?

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