Alright guys, I don’t do this often, so listen up. I actually had the attention span to listen to the whole damn thing and I’m going to review it for you. I’m going to tell you which songs are good, which songs aren’t that good, what mood you want to be in when you listen to a certain song, what songs everyone’s going to like and why you SHOULDN’T like those songs, and finally my favorite line from each song.


Without further ado – my first album review – Take Care.


1. Over My Dead Body

This one’s got some nice flow and vibe to it. It’s a SLOW Drizzy song. Very soft with a female vocal in the background. Despite how soft the beat is, he goes pretty hard on his verses. Not a lot of people are going to be into this one, but I like it.

Jealousy is just love and hate at the same time

Shout out to Asian girls let the lights dim sum

He’s taking a page out of Childish’s book referencing Asian girls.

2. Shot For Me

This is my least favorite song on the album. It’s not that good, but the bridge and chorus has a nice chill vibe. I’m keeping this on my iTunes because I know I’m going to be bored in an airport soon and will just want to throw on the whole album. This song is clearly one of the weak points though.

No favorite line.

3. Headlines

You’ve all heard it by now. It’s good…except when Drake threatens to body people. The only thing that Drake could body is a Sprite. Maybe.

Best line: The whole first verse…again you know it by now.

4. Crew Love Ft. The Weeknd

I don’t know how much I’ve talked about The Weeknd on here, but The Weeknd is great. Wicked Games (check it out) is one of my favorite songs of the summer. His whole House of Balloons mixtape is phenomenal. This song works better as a Weeknd song than a Drake song. It’s okay, but more due to the Weeknd’s R&B singing style. Drake doesn’t have much for lines in this song.

5. Take Care Ft. Rihanna

I don’t like this one much either, but the beat is growing on me. Rihanna does her thing on the chorus, it sounds fine. Drake doesn’t really go very hard on this song. Again on this one, not many great lines. The piano in the background saves this song from being cut from my iTunes.

6. Marvin’s Room

Again, you’ve all heard it by now. Slow (and I don’t normally like slow rap songs) but this one’s amazing. It’s just a great chill song, also I think every guy can relate to being drunk late at night and wanting to text a girl he used to bang but she doesn’t want to talk to him anymore or she’s clearly with her boyfriend.

I’m just saying you could do better, tell me have you heard that lately

– We all think this don’t we? Especially that the “better” is me. Everyone has those thoughts. Drake captures it well.

The thing that I like most about this song is that he shows how ridiculous his request to this girl is. She’s at home probably being responsible, while he’s out all night drinking Rozay and XO and he wants her to come to him, and since he’s drunk it doesn’t occur to him that that’s unfair to her. Deep song.


After a while girl they all seem the same/I’ve had sex four times this week I’ll explain/having a hard time adjusting to fame.

Kendrick Lamar has a little interlude after this. It’s okay.

7. Underground Kings

This is EASILY my favorite song on the album. So many cool lines and tight sequences. “Rich off of Mixtape/Got Rich off of Mixtape” has been stuck in my head since I heard it. Seriously, I walk around all day saying that. My friends hate me.

The whole song is great.

…if you ask me what I care about…

Rap and bitches/Rap and bitches/bitches and rap/rappin and bitches

The later looks stupid typed out…amazing sequence when you listen to it.

Also Drizzy throws in his hilarious little voice crack when he says “Ways” right before the chorus.

8. We’ll Be Fine (Ft. Birdman)

My second favorite song on the album (other than Marvin’s Room). Another cool bridge right before the chorus…

Fam here? Drink here? Girls here? Well fuck let’s get it then

Great vibe to this one, chorus stuck in my head: Drizzy mission accomplished.

9. Make Me Proud (Ft. Nicki Minaj)

This song is good and bad at the same time. it’s kind of stupid, but I kind of like it’s vibe. Nicki has one of the dumbest lines ever “I’m a star….sheriff badge.” Thanks Woody. Another one of those songs that you’ve heard already. Not great but not horrible. It was never up for being cut from my iTunes.

10. Lord Knows (Ft. Rick Ross)

OVERRATED ALERT: A lot of people think this and another song (#14, we’re getting there) are the best tracks on the album. They’re not. It’s not bad. There’s tons of Rick Ross grunting going on, which I always approve of. Rozay drops just some dumb ass lines.

I fell in love with the pen, started fucking the ink.

Really? You’re fucking the ink? REALLY? Rozay must get a half-chubb at the sight of Mozart writing a sonata in Amadeus. Jesus that’s a stupid line.

Only fat n**** in the sauna with the Jews

Stupid but also a hilarious visual.

Drizzy doesn’t really have any lines I remember, his verse was super long, but it was very eh.

11. Cameras/Good ones Go Interlude

My roommate like this one a lot more than I do, but it’s growing on me. Kind of catchy song. Not even close to the best on the album, but not necessarily a weak point.

12. Doing it Wrong

Another soft slow song that’s starting to grow on me. Great to listen to when in a chill mood. This came on my iPod about 5 times in the last week and I haven’t skipped once because I like it.

13. The Real Her (Ft. Lil’ Wayne and Andre 3000)

Andre has kind of a weird flow, but it’s kind of cool. Drizzy’s verse is very similar to Houstalantavegas or Lust for Life. It’s nothing we haven’t heard from Drake. It’s eh.

Wayne is just a struggle sesh. He has really sucked lately. For all you Weezy fans, sorry I’m about to rip him later.

14. HYFR (Hell Yeah Fucking Right) Ft. Lil Wayne

This song is generally considered by most people to be the best on the album. Ugh. I LOVED it on first listen, then it started to get old. Not because of Drake, his verse is great. Weezy even goes decent for a while until he drops one of the worst lines of his career…

Met a female dragon/had a fire conversation.

Not only is it fucking stupid, it’s completely out of context.

The song’s got a lot of swag and Drake kills his verse, but man, I know Weezy’s your boss and all but Drizzy’s gotta take some control and tell Wayne not to bring some Sir Lancealot out of context shit on his verse. MOST OVERRATED SONG ON THE ALBUM

And I think I text her and told her I made it

And that’s when she text me and told me she prayed it
And that’s when I text her and told her I love it
And right after texting, told her I’m faded

^Cool Drizzy sequence.

15. Look What You’ve Done

Another slow song that’s slowly growing on me. Kind of a weak point though. Eh.

16. Practice

This one has been getting talked about a lot because he samples and basically turns “Back that Ass Up” by Juvenile into a ballad. Didn’t like it the first time I heard it, but it’s one of my favorites on the album. It’s catchy, and he’s clearly tributing and not stealing from Juvy.

The only problem I have with this song is the content. It’s about girls that he’s banging that are good in bed because he can tell they’ve been “practicing with some other n****s.”

Why the fuck would I want to think about the other guys the girl I’m currently fucking has fucked? Not only thinking about it, but analyzing the things she’s learned from them? The fuck is wrong is you Drake?

17. The Ride Ft. The Weeknd

Only listened to it once. There’s your answer. It’s pretty disappointing.


18. Hate Sleeping Alone

One of the best songs. Don’t know how this is a bonus track. This is classic soft Drake and it’s great.

19. The Motto Ft. Lil’ Wayne

Struggle Sesh. Don’t listen to it.


That’s it that’s all. I give the album a 7.5/10, which might even be generous. Here’s my ranking of top songs:

1. Underground Kings.

2. We’ll Be Fine

3. Marvin’s Room

4. Headlines

5. Hate Sleeping Alone


And current rankings of rap albums I’ve heard this year…

1. Watch the Throne – JayZ/Kanye

2. Cole World: Sideline Story – J.Cole


4. Ambition – Wale

5. …These are the only ones I’ve listened through

oh wait, Carter 4. Which is fucking terrible.