It’s a Cole World, and J. Cole has done it again. On 9/26/11 J Cole released his mix tape, So Cole. He tweets: “Twas the Night Before Cole World.” has all 23 songs that you can listen and download, So Cole has a few of his singles on there; Bring Em In, Killers, Passing Me By, and Disgusting.

J Cole is one of my favorite artist because of his use of smooth beats with his slick words. He is the type of artist that you can sit back–relax and really listen to. I recommend listening to J Cole when you have a long drive ahead of you. Make the drive go by much quicker.

Also another aspect of J Cole is that his music contains substance, his music is not solely for dancing or partying, much like most of the tracks produced today. Cole presents his music with another aspect of Hip Hop that is almost being lost in pop culture, the voice. Songs aren’t about smoking, drinking, or partying all the time. He brings more to the music game. It’s a Cole World.

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