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Seven Items to Steal From Your Boyfriend.


I spend way too much time shopping for my boyfriend. It didn’t take long to realize that- hey- I wanted this stuff for myself.  So next time you’re feeling generous enough to pick a little something out for your significant other, consider taking it out for a test run first. Even better: your guy probably has tons of wearable items in his closet right now. Keep your eye out for our favorite seven items to steal from your man:








Leather Watch.

Layering tons of bangles on your wrist is always a cool look– try on your boyfriend’s watch: it’ll probably be oversized on you, turning it into wrist candy while men’s’ leather styles give off that classic vibe.

Get it at: Timex


Old-Man Cardigan.

To me, there’s nothing- nothing- more essential to a closet than an oversized cardigan. It’s the perfect item to just throw on when it’s cold and adds that little bohemian touch to an outfit. Zara has some great and affordable options for your significant other or yourself. Chunky cable-knits are great for guys and girls; you also can’t go wrong with a super soft cashmere cardigan.

Button-Down work shirt.

Tuck this into a skirt or jeans for a polished look or wear it open with the same outfit for a casual and layered feel.  Depending on how large the shirt is, you can wear it alone as a dress. Add a pop of color to contrast the basic hues of a work shirt with a belt.

Get it at: American Apparel


Leather Satchel.

The leather messenger bag is so professional and durable. I got my man a Marc Jacobs satchel last Christmas because I wanted to give him aclassic carry-all to kick start is professional career. Turns out it also looks amazing as an oversized tote for me.

Get it At: Marc Jacobs



Band Tee.

Nothing’s better than a soft, worn-in Tee. Raid your guy’s drawers: vintage band and sports tees are all over the place at the moment—why drop fifty dollars or more on a ‘vintage’ shirt when your boyfriend has one in his closet? Keep it classic with a pair of jeans and boots, or give the tee a more glam-rock feel with a miniskirt and suede jacket.

Get it at: Urban Outfitters


Basic Tank.

Throwing on his tank top over jeans or tights makes the perfect oversized tank-dress.  American Apparel’s Viscose Tank is one of my favorite basics to wear: the viscose is super soft and flattering- the perfect mini-dress. You can wear this item with anything; just mix and match with your closet for an always laid-back look. Men’s’ styles will feature a cool drop- arm that flatters a feminine frame.

Get it at: American Apparel

Flannel Shirt.

Obviously, the grunge look is back with a vengeance, and what’s a better way to rock the 90’s than a worn-in flannel shirt? Grab one that’s pre-loved from your guy’s closet and give it that grunge-y layered look. Pair it with a leather or denim jacket and that oversized tank and you’re good to go.

Get it at: Urban Outfitters


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