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How To: Introduce New Boyfriend to Dad

Unless you’re one of the few that goes off to college with your high school sweetheart in tow, there’s a good chance you’ll meet a special someone at school that will eventually meet your family. You will need to know how to introduce your new boyfriend to dad.

For guys, this isn’t necessarily a big deal. Moms and dads typically don’t disregard a new girlfriend; they’re just happy their son is no longer in the phase of “she’s-got-boobs-that’ll-do.” Girls on the other hand, face a large speed bump that goes by the title “Dad”.

Dads, (and older brothers, but mostly dads), turn into teenage girls when their teenage girl brings home a new boyfriend. They find anything wrong with him and then focus on that- it’s like eighth grade all over again when you hate a girl and pick out all her flaws to make you feel better. We grew out of it (most of us anyhow) but our dads will never stop doing this to our beaus.

If your boyfriend is too nervous, he’s not man enough. If he’s overly confident, he is too cocky and not respectful of your father. If he does this, then he’s not that. In conclusion, your boy will never win. Sorry, guys.

Here are a few things that will help with the introduction of your dad and your darling.

Don’t bring home your latest boyfriend for the weekend to meet the fam. This means the two of you sleeping overnight under the same roof – sure it happens in your college town, but dad doesn’t have to know that.

Do introduce your family to the new guy when they come to visit. That way, your dad isn’t on his turf feeling all “top dog” – though he’ll still fake it, I’m sure. But with this, they meet once for a couple hours and then split ways; and most importantly, there will be no sleeping over.


Don’t go in blind.

Do prep the bf on what to expect and likewise for your dad. Whenever you’re catching up with your father on the phone, casually mention little things about your boyfriend; after this happens a few times, your dad will catch on that he means a lot to you. Of course, don’t throw in stories that don’t highlight your boyfriend’s best qualities.


Don’t talk about anything controversial. Keep conversation light and on topics that everyone can agree on.

Do cover topics that will help both parties get to know each other better. My guess is that your family is one of the best parts of you and having your boyfriend see that will only make him like you more. So don’t get too embarrassed with stories from the past and even go as far as to encourage one on one conversation between your new bf and your dad.

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Amy Willsey
I'm a sophomore magazine journalism major and business minor at the University of Missouri. I came from the lovely Kansas City and am a die hard Royals and Chiefs fan. I enjoy long-distance runs, alliteration and I spend my free time finding the fraternities with the cutest puppies. Carry on, all you pretty people, carry on.

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