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10 College Songs You Need to Know– Fall 2011


he Sounds of College

hese are the top college songs this fall. Listen to these tunes that make up The Sounds of College… These are in no particular order. Sit back and let these fresh tunes do their thing. Listen to the song, watch the video and read feedback over the song’s lyrics. 


1. We Found Love – Rihanna

Why: I don’t even really like Rihanna. She’s maddeningly inconsistent. Some of her songs are good (S&M, Unfaithful), some of her songs are pure and utter shit (Cheers is the worst song of the year, by far). Sometimes she looks really hot (Early Rihanna, Umbrella, lately), sometimes she looks not that hot (After Chris Brown punched her in the face…kidding, way too short red hair/Love the Way You Lie). I’m not into a large amount of female pop singers, but all I ask for is some fucking consistency. So, very soon after releasing a song so fucking horrible that I about stopped drinking (Cheers to how fucking terrible that song is), she releases “We Found Love.”

Techno beats. Incredibly shot video. Catchy. Just a damn good pop song.


2. Bonfire – Childish Gambino

Why: I LOVE Childish Gambino. He’s a nerd, his lyrics are clever, borderline obscene, sometimes hilarious, and usually swag as hell.

“Made the beat then murdered it/Casey Anthony.” Daaaaaaamn. So inappropriate, yet so funny. This got like 15 plays on my iPod the first 2-3 days I had it. LOVE it. Download it.


3. Lay Me Down – Dirty Heads Ft. Rome

Why: Sounds like a mix of Sublime and Dispatch. I’m a sucker for good storytelling with a vaguely old west meets sex on the beach theme. Such a great laid back song.


4. 2011 BET Cypher from Shady 2.0 (Yelawolf, Joe Budden, Crooked I, Joell Ortiz, Royce Da 5’9”, Eminem)

Oh yeah, by the way I love rap music. Like, a lot. BET Cyphers this year were generally underwhelming but this Shady 2.0 cypher was amazing.

Best Lines:


Im not watching the throne/Im sabotaging it

Royce Da 5’9s whole “HI RIHANNA” thing was hilarious

Budden again:

Her parents broke but she come from money” HELL YEAH. God I hate women. Except big pale tits. I love those.


5. Wicked Games – The Weeknd

Weird dude, weird song, also a great song. About breaking up with your ex and fucking a new girl. Great slow jam.

Best Line:

Bring your body baby I can bring you fame


6. Dance (A$$) Remix – Big Sean and Nicki Minaj

Why: First of all I love Nicki Minaj and like medium Sean enough to probably go see him in concert in about 2 weeks. Nicki Minaj has the cutest smile ever. It’s ridiculous. When Nicki Minaj smiles, people volunteer at soup kitchens. Ridiculous epidemic considering those things are so mutually exclusive. Me being weird aside, Nicki’s verse makes this song.

Best Line:

You fuckin little whores/fuckin up my decor/couldn’t get Michael Kors if you were fuckin Michael Kors
It’s funny because little whores couldn’t fuck Michael Kors because he likes dick. Sorry ladies.


7. Heavy – J. Cole

Didn’t really make the cut on Sideline Story, but a phenom song by one of my favorite rappers.

Best Line:

Aimin’ at a couple heads/bitch I’m crown hunting


8. Mr. Nice Watch – J. Cole Ft. Jay-Z

Best club song on Cole’s album. First half of Jay-Z’s verse is terrible, but he makes up for it with a ridiculous sequence at the end of it:

Meanwhile I’m just choppin off doors, put the front on the back, cause im back and forth, put the front on the back of ‘Bach like a boss, so I’m frontin on N***** when I’m backin off


My favorite Cole Line:

Hurry up with your pictures pleeeeease/I gotta make history


9. Nobody’s Perfect – J. Cole Ft. Missy Elliott

Okay, I love J. Cole. Great fun song by him with Missy Elliott. Love the beginning plus the way he delivers the line “Could you make sure the DOOR’s LOCKED!?” when referring to banging a college girl in her dorm room and her roommate possibly coming home. The way he said that line made it sound like the girl just started opening the door. Give it a listen.

Last but not least…


10. Bloody Mary – Lady GaGa

I love my girl GaGa, and I didn’t like this song the first 30 times I heard it. Born this Way is the only CD in my car right now so I hear it a lot. After a while I started to really like it. Great mixing on it, one phenomenal line, and cool gregorian chanting of “GA-GA….GAAAA-GA”

Best line: “When they come to kill the king upon his throne, im ready for their stones”


That’s all. I promise the next post will be better, but listen to these songs. By the way, people love lists so the next one might be…ready? MY TOP 10 FASHION MUSIC VIDEOS. BAM. Night.

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