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Junior College – The Bad Reputation

Junior College

For many people “Community College” or “Junior College” or “Two Year College” isn’t real college. The stagnant commuter lifestyle, lack of athletics, large amounts of people attending who are “going back to school”–  leave little room for admiration compared to four year Universities. Granted it is still school, saves you thousands in tuition, and still transfers to a four year university once you complete the grueling two years.

In the following video, Adam Carolla, host of Love Line, of the best radio shows since Stern, is able to accurately guess the people who are from junior college by examining their issues. If you’ve never heard of the show Love Line, its basically a radio version of Jerry Springer only there is a comedic host (Adam Carolla) and a certified psychiatrist (Dr. Drew) who give advise to callers reguarding their love/sex/drug problems. The halarious and sometimes repulsive questions can leave you glued to your car seat long after parking. So again, the following is the video is a compilation Adam’s knack for guessing  “shhhhhhhhooooccckkkkiiiinnnnggg” connections between callers and Junior College. Enjoy…


So, whats your opinion of Junior college? Let us know in the comment section below!

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