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Clever and Fun Ideas For Your Winter Accessories

College Fashion
College Fashion


College Fashion

Enduring college in the cold is no fun. Freezing at the bus stop, shivering on the way to class and battling snow, sleet and rain is just not a good time. Dressing for the cold weather can feel like it is so unfashionable: puffy jackets, tons of layers and the slight resemblance to a fuzzy animal can put a damper on winter wear. Yet there is an answer to the dressing cute conundrum in winter: throw on some warm winter accessories! Utilize warm AND cute accessories such as gloves, scarfs, hats, headbands and knee socks to add some pop to your winter outfits. Plus, they cut down the suffering in the cold by quite  a bit!


Realize the versatility of a scarf!


Wearing a scarf is a great way to add a pop of color or a bit of pattern to any outfit. Winter comes with a lot of boring solids, so spice up a plain top with a brightly colored or cool patterned scarf. One thing that is great about scarves is how versatile they are! There are multiple ways to wear your scarf: thrown around your neck, tied into a knot, wrapped around your hair or resting around your neck. They also come in so many fabric choices: silk, cotton, wool, polyester, angora and fleece. For the colder months, pick up a fleece or wool scarf to keep the wind and chill off of your neck and chin. On warmer days, throw on a silk or cotton one.


Gloves are not only for making snowmen

194529Beige Animal Print glovesGloves should not only be utilized when playing in the snow! Your hands are the part of your body that gets cold first, since your body will try to warm the core first. Keep your hands nice and warm with a pair of gloves this winter. Traditional leather is always a good choice, but be sure you try them on before you buy them since it will be hard to stretch them if not big enough. And don’t think that leather gloves just come in black! You can buy them in red, brown, blue, pink… the list of color choices goes on and on. If leather is not your style, there are tons of other choices available. Be bold and wear a pair in animal print or stay connected to your phone with a pair that have touch screen capable fingertips.


Show some personality with a fun hat or headband 

To really rock a hat, you have to be committed. You have to really like a hat to be able to wear it right. If you simply feel dorky in hats, try to wear jackets with hoods instead. A popular trend recently are hats in the shape of animals. If you have a favorite animal, feel free to be a kid again and rock that animal hat! Hats with ear flaps have also become very popular. This style keeps you the warmest- they are generally lined with fur (fake or real) or sheep skin. Knit hats never go out of style and are always super comfy! Try one in a bright color or a fun winterish pattern. If you want to keep your head warm but really don’t like hats, try a knitted headband. They are super comfy and keep your ears nice and toasty. Try one with some cute embroidery or embellished with jewels!


Knee socks are not only for Rachel Berry on Glee 

59109813828764700_lFqjt04K_cAdd some intrigue to the normal boots and jeans look by adding a pair of knee socks to your outfit. Wear them over your jeans and bring them an inch above your boot line to add some texture and color to your lower half. This look is best done with boots that cut mid calf to right under the knee. Try matching the color to the color of your top or add a random splash of color to a mostly neutral outfit. Plus, knee socks will keep your legs super warm on the chilly walk to class.


Don’t spend the winter months freezing and unfashionable! Add some cute winter accessories to your wardrobe to help you keep warm and stay cute. You won’t regret the extra warmth and you will feel good looking in the mirror.

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