Posted 11/10/12 by Brinton Parker in Fashion

Lingerie Trends: Victoria Has Some New Secrets!


t’s that time of year again: busts are bared, waists are slender, and legs are a mile long- it must be the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! The “angels” all came out to strut their stuff on Thursday, making men worldwide start to drool and many ladies green with envy. So what new trends were displayed in the lingerie world? Prepare your panty drawer, because you won’t want to miss out on this hot new season.

Circus Chic

Serenaded by Rihanna as they strutted down the catwalk, the angels showed off skin in a way that no circus tent could ever hope to entertain under the real big top. Dressed as flaming hoops, lion-tamers, and even a ringmaster, the models made the carnival fun for adults!


Dainty as a Flower

Irises, poppies, roses, and orchids glided down the runway in a beautiful show of spring… With a little extra cleavage, of course. Bruno Mars provided the playlist for this floral display, adding the perfect amount of romance to an intimate lingerie affair.

Childhood Throwback

Justin Bieber led the ladies as they showed off bras and panties themed around childhood toys. Even bicycle handlebars and pinwheels seemed to be hot when worn by Adriana Lima!

Classically Sexy… or Angelic?

Of course, a VS Show is never complete without the women in their naturally gorgeous, curvy state. Hair blown out, lushly-lashed bedroom eyes, and perfect facial contouring added a cosmetic element to the lineup of beautiful models who walked the runway. It’s enough to make any lady (or wishful gentleman!) want to take a shopping trip to find out more of these sexy secrets that Victoria has been keeping.

Brinton Parker

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