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How Average Guys Score Hot Girls

How to get a hot girl to like you…

Relationships have many shapes and forms and can present themselves in just about any combination. You can see couples with old and young, hot and nerdy, gay and straight– but for the typical college guy today, the goal remains the same. Get the hot girl. College has upgraded and slightly detached most of us from the few stereotypes we know so well from high school. Yes, there may still be jocks and cheerleaders, but for the most part you need to have a little more substance to who you are because somewhere between college tests and moving out on your own, you see a change in the match making world, where some average looking guys land the hot girls.

They must have a million in the bank. No, not exactly. Well then how do they score the sexy girl?

Would you like to know their secret? Maybe you don’t have an eight-pack or the facial structure of Tom Brady. How the hell are you, Mr. Average, suppose to land the hot girl you were too afraid to approach the other night? How do you get a hot girl to like you?

Let out the frustration! This is very possible and you may actually be surprised to know you already have advantages over the douche you see some of these girls with most of the time.

The following are qualities you must master in order to land a hot girl successfully, and also keep her around.


Be Authentic

Enough of you trying to be a bad guy or nice guy or any kind of combination of the two. BE YOURSELF. If you like to eat your ice cream cone from the bottom first, do it. She might think you’re weird, but at the same time, she will like your originality AND she will be interested in how you started to eat ice cream like this in the first place. The point is, being yourself will make you appear more interesting to women. If for some reason being yourself isn’t interesting, then she isn’t the girl for you.

Have Confidence

Be confident in yourself and have a backbone. This is why most girls are turned off by what you call “nice guys.” It’s not really the nice part that she doesn’t like, it’s the fact that you aren’t peaking her interest by showing you are confident and stick to who you are. Most guys considered “nice” are in reality, push-overs.

So how do you become confident while not being a cocky douchebag? Well, the answer starts long before you even enter a relationship or even flirt. You must love yourself first. (how cheese does that sound?) Seriously, give yourself a damn hug. That’s the trick. Realize that being in a relationship is a lot like a business transaction. If you as a product don’t add any value to her, then why in the world would she “buy” you? Find what makes you different and worth her time. Whether it’s your sense of humor, your charm, your work ethic, smile– any great quality you have needs to be emphasized.

The funny thing is, once you start to love yourself, you will be amazed at how differently you will start to feel and act. She will be drawn to your confidence and will crave for more. So will other women.

Present Yourself Correctly

This is basic, but let’s talks fundamentals. A relationship is all about selling yourself. You don’t have to be the best looking guy to look like you have your sh*t together. If you’re out, good hygiene and posture will go a long way. Having a sense of style is going to be important as well. You’re now in an age where girls are looking for a potential husband. They usually don’t want to bring a slob home to mom and dad. For great fashion tips make sure to read here.

Humor and Wit

This is the best way to crack her shell. Most times you meet a hot girl, she may be nice to you but she will have a wall up. I’m not sure why, but trust me on this. You slip in some clever jokes or a cute little comment and she will slowly put her guard down. Maybe you don’t think you’re funny– I would say work on it. It’s not rocket science. Study the people you think are funny and share the same sense of humor, try and remember a few quotes and then just bring it up next time you’re around her. If you laugh together she will remember you much better. Work on your delivery and you will be making her laugh before you know it.

Spoon Feed Yourself

This may be the most difficult tip to follow, but it’s VERY important. You need to limit yourself when you are in the puppy love stage.

Let’s say you’re driving and hear a song come on radio you absolutely love. Next day, you’re in your car again, and the song you like plays. This time you wet your pants a little bit with excitement and Shazam it before it ends. Later, you go home, download it, and play it a few hundred more times. What happened here? The following week you aren’t as excited to hear it and your pants remain dry. So sad.

You must pace yourself and keep her guessing. She is hot, and yes you would love to see her more, but DON’T. Give her space once things start to pick up. Remember to spoon feed her and let simple economics do the work. Keep your supply low and her demand for you will rise. If you see her 2-3 times a week you will be in good shape.

Don’t Make Critical Mistakes

Nobody is perfect and no relationship is flawless. You must realize you won’t do everything right. With that said, make sure you keep yourself in good shape and avoid big mistakes that will lose her. If you score yourself a keeper, you need to do just that. KEEP HER. If you cheat on her, you lose. You need to be loyal, stay out of trouble, respect her and do your best to listen to her.

After you master the previous tips, it’s all about maintenance. You bought yourself a Ferrari– make sure you change the oil. For more great tips on having a healthy relationship read this.


Your Advantage

Attractive guys can many times tire girls. They may be cocky and far from faithful. Other times they are more into themselves than the girl. Unfortunately when girls are learning to date they might have to go through a few of these before they realize that they would be much happier with you– the down to earth guy who is a genuinely good time to be around.

How do you know if she finally likes you? Here are 9 signs she might be into you.


I hope these tips can start you on your journey to a sexy lady who will be lucky to find a guy smart enough to read this article ;). Let me know if you have any questions or if you would like me to write about another topic you are currently struggling with. Leave a comment or send me an email.

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