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Men’s Spring Looks: Work and Play

nice jacket fashion
nice jacket fashion

It’s Spring turning into summer, so you’re going to want to wear bright colors (because now you can). I look good in blue, so I choose bright blues (turquoise and teal and aqua, etc) and pair them with dark colors (charcoal) to tone them down. My favorite look is a mix of these three colors: Bright Blue+Dark Gray+Cognac Brown. Those three colors complement each other amazingly.

Why it works is because the suit or vest covers enough of the bright blue that it doesn’t look too rash. Having a dark tie helps, especially one like my Burberry, because it draws attention away from the shirt. A pocket square, at least to me, should match your shirt. Sometimes, I like to match to both shirt and tie.

Now, I’m not saying anyone needs to go drop $200-300 on a suit or vest or spend $150 for a tie (I’m personally enamored with Burberry because their brand consists of an original pattern that is world-recognizable), but if you want to the best dressed guy in the room (as I always am), your friend group (ditto), your job (probably), or your university (Also a legit possibility, I bet I’d make the Final 4 in a bracket), follow these steps!



Sorry this picture is Instagrammed-out (this is what happens when it’s taken with a girl’s iPhone)

SUIT: Express – Heather Gray – Jacket $228, Pants $98 – Specific: NOT AVAILABLE (Spring 2010)


SHIRT: Express – “Ribbon Turquoise” – $69 (Spring 2012)

FIND IT: here

TIE: Express – Skinny Silk Tie – “Alloy” – $39 (Spring 2011-ongoing)

FIND IT: Express

Belt: Banana Republic – Brown (“Cognac”) Leather Belt – $50 – Specific: NOT AVAILABLE (Fall 2010)

SIMILAR: Banana Republic 

Shoes: (You can’t see them, but…) Ecc0 Helsinki Slip On in “Rust” – $139

FIND THEM: Eccousa

Pocket Square: Thomas Pink – “Boathouse Check” in Turquoise/Navy – $25 – Specific: NOT AVAILABLE (Spring 2011)

SIMILAR: In Thomas Pink at least, doesn’t exist, so..


Tie Bar: The Tie Bar – Silver 1 Inch with Ridges – $15

FIND IT: The Tie Bar

Glasses (You can’t see them, obviously): Prada – PR16MV – $230-250 (Frames)

FIND THEM: FramesDirect





VEST/PANTS: Express – Charcoal Plaid – $98 – Pants – $98 – Specific: NOT AVAILABLE (Spring 2010)

SIMILAR: Express

(The Pants should be close on the website, but I suggest you buy them together in-store so they perfectly match…while these pants or vest aren’t plaid, this is the closest I can find to mine)

SHIRT: Express – Fitted 1 MX (Some sort of Turquoise/Aqua) – $60 – Specific: NOT AVAILABLE (Fall 2010)

SIMILAR: Express

TIE: Burberry – Tonal Check in Charcoal – $145-165 (Classic)

FIND IT: Nordstrom

Pocket Square: The Tie Bar – White with Mystic Blue Border – $8

FIND IT: The Tie Bar

Tie Bar: The Tie Bar – Silver 1 Inch with Ridges – $15

FIND IT: The Tie Bar

Drink and Friend’s Hand: NOT AVAILABLE

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