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“We Are Mizzou” Part 2: Interview and Preview

Last year the “We Are Mizzou” music video became the center of contraversy, hate, and gossip on the University of Missouri campus. The original music video was shot by Blake Brandell and Casey Berner, and written by Andrew Carter, Matt Roberts, and Tanner Brandell– all current students on campus who came up with the idea. According to the following interview, there is a sequel on the way, which has many students outraged. Most are surprised these guys are actually going to remake the video despite overwhelming negative feedback. “We are Mizzou part 2″ will apparently be a country version of the original, calling out most new SEC competitors.

The lady interviewing mentions how the first We are Mizzou went viral–she apparently doesn’t know the definition of viral because while it’s above average, 650K hits on YouTube, it is not nearly enough to classify anything as viral. Currently the video sits with 3,174 likes and 4,533 dislikes. See if you pick up on any of her sarcastic or condescending questions in the beginning.

Students have been very vocal on how they feel about this sequel, trying to separate themselves from this video as much as possible. YouTube comments include:


I go to Mizzou, these guys are embarrassing us. They really need to stop making these.



mizzourahtigers 1 day ago

You know you’re serious about football when you tuck your basketball jersey in, and auto-tune your vocals.

thisaintsweettea 1 day ago


INTERVIEW: PART 2 of “We are Mizzou”


Original- “We are Mizzou

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