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Amped Up Dorm Decor: Ideas and Inspiration

dorm room pic
dorm room pic

College Decorations

Freshman year is scary enough.  Moving away from home, saying goodbye to friends, and tackling new study subjects that you may not even think twice about decorating your dorm room.  But trust me, it was worthwhile to think about.

Dorms are depressingly dingy, and when feeling homesick, a happy and bright living place is not a bad idea.  Although there are a lot of restrictions enforced by schools that will prevent you from hammering in nails or painting the walls, I have five tricks that will take your room from drab to fab!



1.  Christmas lights

Christmas lights are a spirited way to add ambiance to your dorm room.  No longer just for the holiday season, twinkle lights can sparkle all year long.  Harsh florescent lights are common to dorms, and twinkle lights add a homey feel, in my opinion, to the space.  Depending on your style you can use white or rainbow lights to line the perimeter of your bulletin board or the top of your ceiling.


2. Posters

Posters are one of the most classic dorm room staples.  Not only do they reveal your personality, but also they cover up those bland, white walls.  From bands to TV shows to just artsy designs, posters are a one-step, fuss-free process.  Since punching holes into dorm room walls is a giant no no and some dorms have brick walls, make sure to pick up some poster putty that will stick to the wall and will leave no trace.  If you want an even more personal touch then make your own artwork!  I hung my own paintings around my room, which were a conversation starter when people walked by.


3. Photos

I think this is one of the biggest must haves for dorm life.  Even though most of our photos are located via Facebook, it is imperative that you make prints before you move.  I filled my entire bulletin board with pictures of friends, family, and places from home, and remind you of all the good time you had and the ones that are about to come.



4. Life

Although this tip is not an absolute, it is something to think about.  Dorm rooms normally only have one window, and depending on your school it could be pretty small.  To bring a little outside in, buy some fresh flowers.  While this might not be in your budget, every once and a while it can add a little sunshine into a dreary environment.  Some school even allow fish into the dorms, if you think you are up for a pet!



5. Textiles

From bedding to towels, the right fabrics will certainly add a fashion edge to your space.  Department stores have amped up their dorm sections with vibrant duvet covers in tons of colors, patterns, and textures.  There is one to fit anyone’s personality and come at a reasonable price.  Make sure to pick up contrasting throw pillows and a tiny rug to put next your bed.  The littlest details make for a faster adjustment and are the beginning to finding your personal style.




Dorm Room Pictures For Inspiration

I found a great website called fuckyeahcooldormrooms.tumblr.com. They have submitted pictures of dorm rooms. I picked some of my favorites to give you a little inspiration when decorating.



Hopefully these tips and pictures give you some inspiration this semester to decorate your dorm. Do you have any tips for decorations? I’d love to hear about it int he comments below!


Check out this video about a student from Berkeley who created the Ultimate Dorm Room Experience




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