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10 Amazing Date Ideas for Fall

Wanting to impress that girl/guy you’ve been crushing on with an original date idea?

Have fun with your date this fall by trying some of these date ideas!
There are tons of fun and different dates you can try during fall. Trees are changing colors, setting up a perfect scene for a romantic walk. The weather is cooling down and perfect for snuggling. If you want to make things exciting and try something different with your significant other, here are 10 fun, easy and inexpensive date ideas to try this fall:


1. Food, Crafts and Shopping- all in one place!       

Try to find a fall festival in your town. They are generally inexpensive and filled with food, crafts, fun and shopping.


This is the time of year festivals are happening everywhere! Many areas will have fall festivals that include games, crafts, shows, food and booths filled with cool and interesting stuff. Admission is generally less then $5 a person, sometimes it is even free! These are the best places to get seasonal food-hello turkey legs, pumpkin/pecan pie and carmel apples. If you’re over 21, see if there is an Oktoberfest being held in your area. This is a festival celebrating German food and beer. Who doesn’t enjoy crisp fall air, tasty food and beer?



2.  Cuddle on some hay bales


Grab some friends and hit a hayride!


It might sound lame, but hay rides can actually be a lot of fun. Gather a group together and make it a big couples get together. Many hay rides take you through gorgeous areas, so be sure to soak in the atmosphere and maybe take some photos. Bring a thermos of hot chocolate or hot apple cider if it’s a chillier night. There are also “haunted” hayrides that infuse a haunted house into the hay ride. No need for an excuse to cuddle up close.





3.  Enjoy what nature has to offer


The leaves are beginning to change colors, so take advantage of it! Take a walk midday when it is warm enough to enjoy the weather without a jacket. Make it more romantic by  taking one right around sundown so you can watch the sunset. You’ll get in some exercise while enjoying nature. If you have a dog, that is an automatic bonus.



4. It’s the great pumpkin Charlie Brown!

Have fun searching for your perfect pumpkin!


It’s pretty cool to be able to see acres upon acres of pumpkins all laying in front of you. Find a local pumpkin patch and have fun hunting for a pumpkin for each of you to carve. You’ll feel good about supporting a local farmer and it is also fun to search for your perfect pumpkin. Some farms even have sections where they try to grow giant pumpkins- maybe you’ll find a world record sized pumpkin.



5. Make something fresh


The farmer’s market is coming to an end, so enjoy it while it lasts. Pick an interesting or different recipe with your date and buy as many ingredients as you can at the farmer’s market. The produce there is incredibly fresh and usually organic- making for a better meal! Plus it is a great place to people watch.


6. Red or white?


Head out to some wineries with three or four other couples.


Wineries are a great place for a date. You can hit up 3 or 4 in one afternoon because wineries are generally located in the same area. Tasting will range from free to $4-$8 per person. Bring some cheese, crackers and chocolates with you to cut down on spending since wineries rack the prices of these items up. Go with a few other couples and buy a bottle at each winery to spread cost out. Wineries have beautiful landscapes, so enjoy the fall colors as you sip on some Moscato or Chardonnay.





Find a cute puppy or two at the animal shelter to take on a walk, bath or play with!

7. Girls swoon for animals


If you are animal lovers, check out your local animal shelter! Many shelters desperately need help walking, bathing and simply playing with their animals. Google local animal shelters and find their websites to look into volunteering. You and your date can have fun choosing which dogs to take on a walk, play with or bathe. This is a great way to get some animal interaction if your apartment or dorm doesn’t allow animals.



8. This way or that way? 


Challenge your date to see who can escape the corn maze first!


Corn mazes are a great fall activity. You and your date can have a fun time trying to navigate all the twists and turns. If you’re a competitive couple, challenge your date to see who can get out of the maze first! If you like haunted houses, find a corn maze that is part of a haunted house to enjoy both.





9. What was my line again?


Don’t just watch horror films this fall- make one of your own! Have fun creating a totally absurd story, get some of your friends and a camera and start rolling! Write and direct with your date or challenge them to see who can make the best- or worst- movie. Use ketchup for blood, hit the dollar store for props and then share your funny (or scary) film on YouTube.

Like scary stuff? Make your own horror film or go to an amusement park that has haunted houses!


10. I don’t know what I’m more scared of… 


This date is the most expensive idea, but it pours everything into one fun day. Instead of just going to a haunted house, go to an amusement park that includes both rides AND haunted houses. You will spend a bit more cash for this, but it is so much fun. You can enjoy both adrenalin pumping rides and scary haunted houses. Make a day out of the trip and ride the rides first and hit the haunted houses at night. Going to an amusement park for haunted houses can actually save you money- the admission for the park is about the same (maybe a bit more) as one haunted house, but you get multiple haunted houses (plus rides!) at the amusement park.

End dreary and boring dates this fall. Try one or all of these ideas and you won’t be disappointed. Finally catch your crush or impress your current significant other with a bit of creativity and a lot of fun. Doesn’t hurt that you will have some extra cash in your wallet with these inexpensive ideas! If you have a fun fall date idea not listed, let us know! We might feature it on our Facebook page.

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