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Fall Fashion: Big Trends To Look For This Fall!

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Summer is almost over. This means a few things: hopefully some cooler weather, school starting and shopping! New styles are beginning to hit your favorite stores already. This season seems to be a mix of popular elements from the summer, last fall and throw back pieces from the 70’s and 80’s. This season “it” look is a cross between rocker girl and feminine chic. Mixing and matching styles and pieces is a huge part of the fall trends. Here are some of the top styles for your fall wardrobe! All photos are credited to Forever 21’s website.


Pants: Colors are still a very big trend. The neon fad is beginning to fade slightly, so look for darker, richer colors. Patterned pants are beginning to creep in on fall fashion. This includes animal, floral and tribal prints. Skinny legs and tight, legging style are still the predominant style.

Leggings- as odd as they are- are still holding on in the fashion world. They are being made in intense patterns and floral prints this season.

Non-traditional colors for pants are big- look for reds, purples and even yellows!














Boots: Wedge booties are becoming quite popular. Look for them in more neutral colors but also in rich reds, greens and navy. The equestrian style boots are still very popular. This season includes a wider range of lengths, from mid shin to above the knee. Less embellishments are seen on these boots this season.

Classic boots are still very popular. This season they have less buttons and accents.

Short wedge booties are all the rage! Be daring with them in colors like blue, green or red!












Tops: There are three major trends to look for this fall: lace, shear and business casual. Lace can be seen as a simple element or as the entire fabric. White, pink and baby blue are big colors for lace, as well as classic black and white. Shear is the go to fabric for tops this fall. Neutral colors and bold primaries are the big hues. Styles mix the boundary between sweet and sexy.  Business casual tops are making a huge impact this fall. This includes long and short sleeve style tops, all with some amount of buttons and a collar. Look for these in sheer and light, airy fabrics.

Business casual is making a cute comeback! Buttons, collar and sleeves are no longer only for the office.



Personally, I adore lace! This fall lace can be found both as an accent and material.


Jackets: Blazers are still huge this fall. Different textures are beginning to be seen- velvet, velour, silk and cotton blends. Colors are still huge, especially jewel tones and deep, rich colors. Three quarter to full sleeves are most popular. Leather jackets are also coming back into style. Many will be faux leather and will have many zippers or fur accents.


Mix up your wardrobe with a blazer in a fun color! They pair well with jeans in any wash.

Three quarter sleeve blazers are great for those who get hot easily. Fun fact: the model in this photo is Nicole from ANTM season 5!













A leather jacket can add edge to any outfit. Don’t be scared to wear one with studs, fur or jewels!


Jeans: Details, embellishments and buttons are huge this season! Back pockets with buttons are a very big trend. This seasons jeans are extremely flashy, bejeweled, sparkly and eye catching. Sequins and colored or metallic threading are big on front pockets. Boot cuts and flares are coming back into style, but skinny jeans are still a classic.

Flares are coming back. Wear them with a cute pair of tall heels or boots!

Fancy pockets attack again! Be ready to see sparkle, sequins, jewels and lace on jean pockets.














Dresses: Lace and more feminine styles are the big styles for fall. Look for knee to above the knee cuts in pinks, blues, purples and neutral colors. Bright colors are still in; but floral prints and lighter colors are also big. Belting dresses at the waist is popular, many dresses this fall will come with a belt or a tie. Cap sleeves and cutting directly at the shoulder are the most popular. Skirts cutting high in the front and low in the back are a new trend to look for also.

This style of cut has bloomed on the fashion scene. It should cut at or a little above the knees in the front and mid calf in back.

Lace dresses are huge this fall. Make them even more feminine by adding a pretty necklace or rock it out with a leather jacket or boots.

This dress emphasizes the dress style this fall: extremely feminine, floral and belts at the waist.


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