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The Accessory Of The Year

ombre hair trend
ombre hair trend

I think every women on this planet needs to personally thank the fashion gods for actually allowing a trend that requires little to no maintenance to thrive!

Ombre Hair definition: greatest thing ever invented.

Ladies, Ombre hair requires practically no work. Have you been lightening up your hair for years? Let it grow out. In a few short months you will have the hottest trend in Hollywood, all-natural style!

At first we were all a little reluctant when we saw the very first celebs jump on the hairstyle. But there’s no denying it now, we are all in lalala LOVE with Ombre hair.


How to rock Ombre Hair

Not only is it easy maintenance, Ombre hair is the ultimate accessory to your boho-chic outfits. You can wear Ombre hair semi-straight slightly wavy to pull off an effortless beachy look.

If your hair is straight, you can use an extra thick curling iron grabbing huge chunks of hair and wrapping it around. If you have wavy hair, maybe all you need to do is blow dry it out and use a wave-definer foam or gel.

There’s tons of different kinds for your specific hair at your local drugstore!  Everyday you get out of bed it looks like you just went to the salon. The odds are in our favor for now ladies!



Leave it to the Kardashians

My absolute favorite celeb that rocks the trend hair is Khloe Kardashian-Odom. She’s had the hairstyle for quite some time now and it just does wonders for her. Her complexion is just glowing these days, definitely from her hair color complementing her. In this classy nude dress and heels, with soft curl styled Ombre hair there’s no doubt in my mind that Khloe is outshining her sisters these day!

Ombre Here To Stay!-(For A While At Least!)

Yes, it is true that Ombre hair is the epitome of the perfect summer hairstyle. How can anyone resist honey brown roots shimmering off into golden brown deliciousness?  But wait there’s more to add to the positive column! The end to summer 2012 it is right around the corner, so brace yourselves to start seeing darker tones of Hombre hair emerging in the fall and well into winter. Celeb Ashley Simpson is starting us off early and there’s no doubt there will be tons more to follow this trend!




So tell us, are you sold on Ombre hair? Comment what you think about the style!

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