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6 Tips For a Healthy Relationship

College Relationship Advice

Men, you need to be prepared and well trained in the art of woman. You’re in college and dating is much more relaxed than high school but you aren’t necessarily an expert in a healthy relationship yet. This isn’t an easy or logical topic but don’t worry, LTCL has your back. In this post we cover 6 rules every EVERY guy should follow if he wants to have a healthy relationship in college. Don’t worry men, the woman has to give you certain things as well, we will cover those in a future post.

Before we get into the rules, it’s important to note: if you plan on being single and having fun, more power to you, but this post is for guys who are ready to have something more serious.

RULE 1: Security

  • It doesn’t matter what her age is. Women need security from you. When she is secure she can trust you. As fun as it is to go from bar to bar on the weekends, you need to decide if you are ready to give that up that lifestyle when you get into a serious relationship. Women hate to feel like they might be cheated on, and so giving her security in a relationship is very important. If you do go out with some friends keep your nose clean and make sure you keep her updated on your whereabouts.

Rule 2: Excitement

  • In the beginning it’s always exciting to be in the relationship. Butterflies and puppy love everywhere, but you need to maintain some excitement and not become complacent or boring. After the first few months of infatuation wears, make an effort to keep things exciting and unexpected. Be spontaneous.

Rule 3: Sex/Desire

  • Sex. Yeah this one isn’t too bad is it, gentlemen? A woman needs sex; not just physically but emotionally. She needs to feel desired and wanted from you. Make sure to combine rules 2 and 3 so you can be in for an good night ;). Use protection! If you are saving yourself, you can still make her feel desired, you might just have to be a bit more creative about it.

Rule 4: Authenticity

  • This is clutch. Many guys lose themselves in a relationship and forget who they are. Be yourself, be authentic– show her who you truly are and she will be attracted by how much confidence you have in yourself. Being authentic makes you more interesting because it avoids becoming too agreeable which is a very common problem with young guys. If she’s talking to you and you agree with everything she said just so she can like you, you are going to get the opposite results. Nobody wants to date someone who always agrees and does what they say. She will end up walking all over you. This doesn’t mean be a jerk, but express your opinions to her as well. Be authentic, keep her guessing, and you will be in good shape.

Rule 5: Emotional Support

  • Not what many of you wanted to hear, but this is something women need. You must be there for her emotionally. She needs you to be there for her when she’s having a bad day or is stressed out. Many guys really struggle with this because they tend to be much less emotional so you don’t really relate to her state of mind. Always be there for her. Think about it– if she comes home from a difficult day of work or classes and she can’t go to you to vent or talk to then she will just feel alone and probably more stressed. Hopefully she knows to be there for you as well.

Rule 6: Respect

  • This might seem obvious. Every relationship whether it be romantic or friendship needs respect. You cannot be disrespectful to her nor should you tolerate her being disrespectful to you. Disagreements are going to happen, but once you start the name calling, or worst, that will lead down a slippery slope. If you feel like you are currently with someone who will not respect you, then you need to get out of the relationship now. There are way too many people out there who will treat you better.


Those are some rules we hope can shine a little light on your current or future relationships. Remember to always be and love yourself before you jump into any relationship. Please let us know what you think and don’t forget to show us some love by “liking” our Facebook page.

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