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5 Makeup Brushes You Need for a Flawless Face

Makeup Brush Ideas
Makeup Brush Ideas
Makeup Brush Ideas

Posted 3/16/13 by

All girls know we can get a bit overboard with shopping, especially when it comes to makeup. We overflow our makeup bags with an array of products and brushes, and it can be a huge hassle to find anything you need. An excellent way to cut down on the clutter is to know exactly what you need to create a flawless face. In this post, we will show you the top 5 makeup brushes every girl needs in her makeup bag. Reduce the clutter and keep it simple.

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1. All-Purpose Powder Brush

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We love a tight bristled powder brush for powder foundation, blush and bronzer!  It holds the powder better and places it more easily. We prefer the oval shaped brushes more than the completely rounded brushes because they are more precise on application, which is best for blush and bronzer. This shape also makes blending cheeks easier! This brush is great because it can perform so many different functions- just be sure to tap off any product before switching to a different one. A great choice for the powder brush is the e.l.f. Complexion Brush




2. Foundation brush

1x1.trans 5 Makeup Brushes You Need for a Flawless Face

A foundation brush is great for two things: liquid foundation and cheek highlighter. The way the end angles on each side allows you to get your foundation in any crevice of your face and helps even it out. As handy as this brush is for liquid foundation, we use it daily as a highlighter brush. It’s the perfect shape and size to sweep across the top of your cheekbones to add some reflection and shimmer. We recommend the Revlon Beyond Natural Duo Concealer & Highlighter, Medium-Deep 330,

 because it comes in different shades and is a cream that smooths on easily and gives upper cheeks a shimmer highlight. We also like the Mary Kay Liquid Foundation / Makeup Brush because it reduces the amount bristles cling to the makeup and is very easy to clean–so you can use it for multiple products.



3. Tapered Eyeshadow Brush

1x1.trans 5 Makeup Brushes You Need for a Flawless Face

Nothing makes your eyes pop like defining your crease with a darker shade of eyeshadow. This is easily done with the Blending brush by TIGI Ccosmetics . This brush is tapered, so it is bigger in the middle and angles to a tip on the end. This shape fits the creases of your eyes perfectly and makes eyeshadow application extra simple. You don’t have to wiggle it around or do a lot of brush strokes to get the perfect look. The brush is also SUPER easy to blend with.



4. Fan Brush

1x1.trans 5 Makeup Brushes You Need for a Flawless Face

Nothing ruins a look more than random streaks of eyeshadow under your eyes from fallout. Prevent this disaster by using a fan brush, such as this BellaPierre Fan Brush . A fan brush will remove all eyeshadow crumbs and specks from the under eyes in a few brush strokes. The fan brush is great because it’s light enough to not brush eyeshadow further into your skin, but big enough to catch all the mess. Using your fingers will only further smudge and solidify the dust, so always use a fan brush to sweep specs away and leave your eyes looking clean.



5. Brow Brush

1x1.trans 5 Makeup Brushes You Need for a Flawless Face

We cannot stress how handy a brow brush is. This tool does double duty by keeping your brows under control and breaking up clumps on your lashes. A great choice is the Sephora Collection Pro Brow Comb . Use the bristles to smooth your brows into place and get the hairs all going the same direction. If you have overly unruly brows, try using a brow kit such as the New York Color Browser. It includes clear styling cream that will help get (and keep) your brows in place. The comb side of the brow brush can be used to brush through lashes to remove any mascara clumps. It can also help you manage the curve of your lashes, the more you angle it up as you comb the more arch you can put in your lashes.


With these five makeup brushes, you can create a flawless face and conquer any look. Next time you want to clean up your makeup case, be sure to keep these five brushes around! You won’t regret making the space for these beauty tools.

Question: What’s your favorite makeup tool?

Linzy Anna

Linzy Anna is a senior at Mizzou studying strategic communications in the j-school. She is a professional model, writer for Josephine Magazine, blogger for MOVE! magazine and part-time employee at Marshalls. She loves being a Big for Big Brothers Big Sisters, owls, chocolate, traveling, dancing, modeling and acting.


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