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Justin Timberlake Brings the Suit & Tie Back: Video and Lyrics


Posted 1/15/13 by

Suit and Tie Justin Timberlake

Six years in the making, Justin Timberlake released his new single ”Suit & Tie” featuring Jay-Z and announced the complete album called, “The 20/20 Experience,” that will be released later this year. Mixed reviews have begun to splatter the blogasphere. iTunes says it’s clearly a hit, though. Hours after its release it topped the charts.

Reuters Describes the single as:

The new song, produced by Timberlake’s long-time collaborator Timbaland, features the singer’s falsetto voice over a laid-back, hip-hop beat, fusing R&B and pop sounds.

Listening to the song you might feel confused and thrown off but if you recall his last release, there was also a sense of unusual and unexpected that came with it, unlike other pop songs on the radio. Felling a little unsure could be part of acquiring your taste to more than just a simple beat. Though music is subjective I could see how the older and experienced artist have more depth in their music with deeper roots in some classics. Justin has always stated his admiration to King of Pop, Michael Jackson.  I sense a little of that and the influence of his new life as a married man. Jessica Beil and Justin have been a thing for almost a year for those of you who weren’t aware.

I think this will be a memorable album. Lets just hope Justin keeps it fun and doesn’t try and overdo it. Nothing wrong with having some new sounds but we all miss the dance feel he’s become so well known for. Maybe this single left you hungry for more. Love to know what do you think, though. Is this a hit or miss?


I can’t wait til I get you on the floor, good-looking
Going out so hot, just like an oven
And I’ll burn myself but just have to touch it
It’s so fly and it’s all mine
Hey baby, we don’t mind all the watching
Cause if they study close, real close
They might learn something
She ain’t nothing but a little doozy when she does it
She’s so fly tonight
And as long as I’ve got my suit and tie
I’mma leave it off on the floor tonight
And you got fixed up too tonight let me show you a few thangs
All dressed up in black and white
And you’re dressed in that dress I like
Love is swinging in the air tonight
Let me show you a few things, show you a few things
Let me show you a few things about love
? in the swing of love
Let me show you a few things, show you a few things
About love

[Verse 3: Jay-Z]
All black at the white shows
White shoes at the black shows
Green card for the Cuban linx
Gotta sit back and enjoy the light show

Disturbing the guests
Years of distress, tears on the dress
Try to hide her face with some makeup sex
This is trouble season, time for tuxedos for no reason
All saints for my angel, Alexander Wang too
Ass-tight Denim and some Dunks
I’ll show you how to do this young!
No papers, catch favors
Get high out vapors
Who says these devils ain’t looking for trouble
You just got good genes so a nigga tryna cuff you
Tell your mother that I love her cause I love you
Tell your father we go farther as a couple
Didn’t lose a daughter, got a son
As long as you do this, hun!

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