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Your Handy Dandy Winter Break Checklist

christmas break
christmas break

It’s finally winter break and finally you have absolutely nothing to do for anywhere from three to five weeks! Well…I suppose you could do nothing for the entire break, but you would certainly be missing out! There are so many things you can do over break (some that apply to the intellectual college student, others that apply to anyone) that you really have no excuse to be bored.

Luckily for you, I’ve decided to share my list of top things to do while you’re home for the holidays!

1. Apply for Internships – It may seem early, but believe it or not many companies and businesses have a January deadline for their internship applications for summer. This is especially if you’re applying to intern at some of the companies that are considered to be “top-tier.” You literally have no schoolwork to do for a month! Why not get a jump on your future by applying for an internship in 2013?

2. Start (and Possibly Finish) a New Series on Netflix – Don’t let point #1 fool you. Winter break is a time to relax and decompress from the first semester (or quarter) of college. So get on Netflix, start watching that show that has always caught your eye but you’ve never watched, kick back and chill. I’m looking forward to starting It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia within the next few days. Especially when I’m recovering from point #3.

3. Get an Intense Medical Procedure – I’m getting my tonsils out, but don’t let that limit you. Why not get your brain checked out or maybe even open heart surgery. The procedure isn’t the point. It’s the fact that you get to be lazy and waited on by family members for a week or two after. Don’t think for a second that I’ll enjoy having a doctor painfully pluck my tonsils from the back of my throat; however, don’t think for a second that I won’t enjoy having my parents constantly bring ice cream, smoothies, or anything else that will soothe my throat.

4. Catch Up with Friends – Don’t ask me why point #3 came before this. I’d say it’s definitely more important to catch up with old friends than to get some kind of medical procedure, but I came up with point #3 first. Anyway, you’ve been away at college, “finding yourself” or actually learning, and there’s a great chance all of your friends from your hometown didn’t choose the same college as you. Take some time to catch up with as many of them as possible! You have about a month off at home: you can’t avoid your high school buds for the entire time.

5. Read a Book – You know that book you’ve wanted to read for so long but never have because you’ve been “busy” with school or work. Even if you are working over break, you have no excuse not to pick it up! I’m definitely looking forward to catching up on my reading. The Hobbit and Les Misérables are in my future in anticipation of the movies coming out over the break. Finally read that book you’ve been wanting to!

These are some of the things I’ll be doing over break. I’d love to hear what you readers will be doing! Happy holiday to all!


Joseph is a sophomore at The Ohio State University, studying Finance at the Fisher College of Business while also pursuing a Creative Writing minor. He also writes for Uloop News and has had articles published by the Huffington Post and USA Today College. His hobbies include sports, especially College Football and the NBA.