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It’s Not So Bad: A Rare Defense for Monday


t’s tough to find someone in the world that everyone loathes. I’ll take it a step further: it’s near impossible to find someone who the entire world despises who has really done nothing but be himself! Think about it: some hate Obama, but Democrats love him; some hate Romney, but Republicans liked him enough to make him a presidential candidate. Even Osama bin Laden had some supporters in certain parts of the world. However, I have and I am here to defend him (or it?)

I feel bad for Monday. It can’t really help where it comes during the week, which is unfortunately at the beginning of the work week. Immediately people despise what Monday stands for: the end of the weekend, the start of the work week, etc. You can’t sleep in on Mondays unless you happen to have a three-day weekend.

I’m here not only to defend Monday, but to argue that it’s not even the worst day!

Monday’s bro Tuesday is much worse and obnoxious than Monday could ever hope to be. Why? It is quite simple really. Monday comes and, despite the weekend being over, the memories of the weekend are still fresh. You have new topics to talk about at school or at work to help you get through the day. It’s simple math that more happens from Friday to Monday than from Monday to Tuesday. On Tuesday, you have nothing fresh to talk about because you’ve already exhausted the weekend update on Monday.

You should be well rested for Monday, seeing as you were able to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday. The same cannot be said about Tuesdays. You had all day to work on your assignments for the work week all day on Sunday and you can get to bed at a reasonable hour for Monday; Tuesday’s work has a much smaller window of time to be done in.

On Monday, even though it’s the start of the work week, you still feel a small connection to the weekend that was and look forward to the next. Tuesday has crushed this spirit because it’s not the first day of the week, but you still have four more until glorious Saturday. It’s awkwardly at the start of the week without being the start of the week.

See? Monday isn’t so bad. So I suggest we all lay off Monday for a while and start giving Tuesday the heat that it deserves. Tuesday’s had it too good for too long.

Evidence unnecessary hate has been spread and said about Mondays: Click here to open toggle



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