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Student Entrepreneurs

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The Story

A close friend of mine and I were on our way back from lunch when he mentioned a certain professor at his university and how utterly boring and uninformative his lectures were. During this conversation, I just so happened to have an energy drink in my hands. As I gazed at the bottle, the word “electrolyte” caught my eye. Within the next few seconds, the word was created. I yelled “electurelyte!”. With my friend looking completely confused, I described an innovative idea that seemed like a no-brainer.

Ever since my junior high school education, I am not ashamed to say that I never completely adjusted to the academic structure. Although I’ve always been a diligent  student, I always felt that there was always room for more, creative resources to learn.

The Mission

eLectureLyte not only gives students the opportunity to work together in a unique online environment. eLectureLyte allows students of all ages to actually teach each other. You can now teach ANY and I mean ANY subject ever studied to the eLectureLyte community. Are you a math wiz? A history buff? Maybe you know the perfect technique to assembling the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. Can you beatbox? Prove it. Can do a double backflip off a diving board. Prove it.

eLectureLyte’s mission is simple. Allow students with the will to teach and/or learn to show how much they know about…..well basically, anything.


Be the professor. It’s time to teach.


Welcome to eLectureLyte. “Refueling Education”.

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Brandon F
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  • Michael

    eLectureLyte is a wonderful idea. I signed up and convinced my friends to join. I can learn and teach anything I want! From how to swim, cook pizza or how to do calculus, anything is possible. My favorite feature is “My Desk”. It allows me to customize my profile page with notes that my friends can see. eLectureLyte is a great learning tool that certainly will take off in the near future.