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7 Signs You’re Reading Too Much Into Things

Haley and Michael
Haley and Michael

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s women, our automatic answer to not knowing how a guy feels is to just blame it on how confusing men are. The truth is, men are pretty simple. They’re typically straightforward and coolheaded. On the other hand, women generally tend to be indecisive and unsure. Your new crush may think your hot stuff at first, but you may scare him away read too much into his “mixed signals” or if you move too fast.

Personally, I have had my share of reading way too much into things and getting the wrong impression. Knowing when you’re getting the wrong idea and learning how to stop or avoid it will save you a ton of heartbreak. Do you know the signs? They may not all apply to you, but I can say that at least one of them probably do or have in the past.

Here are the seven tell-tale signs you’re reading too much into things:

1. You take everything to heart.
If he says he can’t hang out one day, don’t automatically think he hates you. Maybe he’s just busy or maybe he just had something planned already. That goes for whenever he says “No,” too. Don’t take it as rejection, use it as a learning experience. Maybe he doesn’t like that activity or maybe he just doesn’t want to go to that restaurant.

2. You second-guess yourself and everything you do.
This is arguably the most common way girls lose themselves when pursuing a man. You’re really just making yourself crazy when you read the texts you sent him over-and-over again. You can’t change it, and he’s going to see it anyway. There is nothing you can do about it, so just trust your instincts.

3. Facebook stalking becomes your favorite pastime.
Every girl on his friends list is not out to take him away from you. You should probably back off a little bit if you find yourself constantly looking at his pictures, friends list, wall posts and comments. You’ll start to take everything he says and does personally if you don’t, and you may even catch yourself asking him about it. Trust me, it will freak him out and classify you as what DJ Pauly D would call a “Stage-5 Clinger.”

4. You dissect every conversation like it’s a dead frog in science class.
If you agonize over everything he said and everything you said back, you’re going to lose it. It’s as simple as that. You’ll not only waste time twisting every word to mean 20 different things, but you’ll also lose the excitement and mystery that comes with every new relationship. Just let things happen and go with the flow. If it isn’t meant to work out, it won’t.

5. You constantly ask your friends what they see when you two are together.
If you really want to know what a man is thinking, ask him yourself. Don’t ask your friends, and certainly don’t ask his. Your friends will eventually get annoyed and his will immediately go back to him and tell him everything you said — Guy code trumps any lady, just like chicks come before dicks!

6. You over-analyze his every move and his every word for hidden meanings.
Everything he posts on social media and everything he says may not always going to be about you. Further, you shouldn’t assume that every word he types or says is negative. He might just be trying to make conversation. In terms of body language, don’t assume his gestures mean something when they may not in reality. You’ll end up questioning both his motives and your own.

7. Little things tends to be blown out of proportion.
If small, non-essential, things start to make you tick, you might want to rethink your potential relationship with this guy. Not only will it freak him out, but it will make you seem too insecure. If he is talking to another girl, it doesn’t mean they’re dating.

Calm down, and don’t freak out.

Just learn to go with the flow, and let things pan out the way they’re supposed to. When you find yourself doing any of the seven things we’ve just discussed, remember that you may be reading into things. You’re only going to make yourself single and paranoid and everyone around you will want to pull their hair out.


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