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American Flag Fashion is Sticking Around Post Olympics

american college fashion
american college fashion



his year the U.S. Olympic teams dominated the overall medal count during the London Olympic Games. They brought home 46 gold medals and a total of 104 medals. But the U.S. team didn’t just dominate the Olympics athletically; they reined the fashion playground appearing in patriotic inspired Ralph Lauren Uniforms during the opening and closing ceremonies.

U.S. Olympic team rocking Ralph Lauren during the opening ceremony


Olympic Nails:

Celebrities even got into the Olympic spirit and showed their support by rocking unique Olympic Trends. Lala Anthony instagramed a photo of her Olympic inspired nails. Olympic nails were one of the biggest trends this summer. Everyone sported this look especially athletes who wore different combinations of their nation’s flag.

American Street Apparel:

The American flag has been a hit this year on sites like tumblr where it seemed like everyone was sporting our nations flag, not just the celebrities or atheletes. Even though this trend has been around to help celebrate national holidays like the 4th of July,  it seemed to become even more popular due to the excitement of the Olympics. People were finding new ways of sporting the trend with new styles like Camo cargoes or bold converse.

Here is more about the red, white, and blue fashion trend from blogger Zeny who writes:

We can thank LA-based brands American Apparel and Jeffrey Campbell for putting the ‘American Flag Print’ trend on BuzzFeed’s 11 Tired Hipster Fashion Trends That Are All Over Instagrambut as much as people love to hate on hipsters, the trend of sporting stars and stripes among young people around the world is actually good for American brands. Beyond patriotism (genuine or not), the flag in commercial terms has represented quality, authenticity and aspiration. Bringing credibility and ‘cool’ back to the American flag print helps bring relevancy and value back to the “Made in the USA” tag inside of t-shirts, backpacks and even food.

So what do you think about the American flag as a fashionable theme to wear past the summer and into the fall?

There was hate towards Ralph Lauren for using made in China uniforms but the focus of this post was more on the fad created and not the RL’s mishap, in case you were wondering why we didn’t mention it. For more on that see: American Olympic Uniforms Manufactured in China: Where’s the home country pride?

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