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Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros: The Perfect Band of Misfits

Concert Bug and the Band You Should Know About

I undoubtedly have the concert bug.  Anytime a show is in driving distance I am all about finding tickets and people to go with.  This past weekend I saw Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros at the infamous Greek Theatre in Berkeley, California.  Although this was not my first rodeo, it was however my first time at the Greek.  The open amphitheater located in the middle of the UC Berkeley campus was packed by the start of the show.

As I made my way through the crowd of people, only a few rows of people separated the stage and me.  The band’s first album Up From Below was released back in 2009 and won the hearts of millions with their single Home.  Three years later with a new album, Here, Edward Sharpe was good and ready to tour again.  With the Greek as their second show the band was full of charismatic energy causing even those in the highest seats to get up and dance.   Their solid two hour performance consisted of songs from their old and new albums, along with a spontaneous Bill Wither’s Lean on Me rendition.  Needless to say the show was beyond wonderful, and in fact the best show I have been to.


Below are three of my favorite songs by the group:

“Home” Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros


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