Posted 10/24/12 by LTCL in Videos

We Were Never Ever Ever Actually Together – Parody

Swift’s new parody explains how endearing it is when a girl get the wrong impression and has the audacity and claims the relationship reigns. Changing the usual theme of being hurt to being in control is a nice change of pace, but as soon as this song hit radio waves it stated the countdown for the parodies. Fortunately these guys did a solid job with this one. Wonder what team Jacob has to say about this. We think it’s believable.


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Starring/written by: Eric Schwartz, Michael Yo. Also Lilli Fuller, Trevor Penick Erik-Michael Estrada Jason Collings and Grant Cotter. Director/editor: Ron Eigen. Producers: Corey Moss, Tiffany Moore, Jason Berger. DP: Chris Darnell. Music: Tommy Fields.



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