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How to: Single Ladies on Valentines Day

Valentine’s day comes around every single god-damn year. Can you tell I don’t have a date yet? Dang, I was trying to hide that little fact. Regardless, I’m not too upset about not getting roses, Russell Stover’s chocolates or a romantic dinner. I am, however, slightly bitter that the stores I visit frequently have already had the cute stuffed bears holding “I love you” signs out for two weeks. I don’t have a man to cuddle with, I could at least get a nice Teddy for the replacement – but guess what girls usually receive those gifts? Girls with boyfriends.

So we, yes I know I’m not alone in this, have to find alternatives to having a great V-Day. And lucky for us, there are techniques that are less dramatic than downing a whole bottle of wine and watching a horror movie where all the pretty girls die. So this year, all my single ladies out there, let’s vow to embrace our single lives and focus on the greatness that comes from not being “tied down.”

Tip 1: Go out with friends. There is absolutely no way you are the only single person you hang out with. I understand not wanting to run into couples left and right so maybe try something new and out of the ordinary. Dinner and a movie is overrated anyhow.

Tip 2: Hang out with your guy friends. Why have one date when you can have 3? Plus there is zero pressure when you’re with your guy friends; it’s a guaranteed fun time without the tension of will there be a kiss at the end of the night. We all hate that feeling – holy awkward.

Tip 3: Volunteer. You may not have a date with the love of your life Feb. 14, but you’re very fortunate to have so many other things. Not all people are as lucky as we are and volunteering to serve meals to the less fortunate could make your day. There’s nothing quite like putting your needs second to help someone else.

Tip 4: Humane Society. Though this could be the same thing as volunteering, I felt it needed to be an activity all its own…. Hello, did you know the humane society has fluffy, cuddly animals. You see, there are very few things that girls love more than puppies and kittens. Talk about warming your heart.

Tip 5: Burn photos. Have you ever seen the phenomenon that’s called Friends?! Well what Rachel, Monica and Phoebe do is what I’m going to advise you to all do… so we all have exes and we probably have photos with them. That’s right ladies, get your lighters out. Because it’s just “another picture to burn.” Thanks, Taylor Swift for providing lyrics that fit so perfectly.

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I'm a sophomore magazine journalism major and business minor at the University of Missouri. I came from the lovely Kansas City and am a die hard Royals and Chiefs fan. I enjoy long-distance runs, alliteration and I spend my free time finding the fraternities with the cutest puppies. Carry on, all you pretty people, carry on.