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Achieving European Chic for Any Summer Getaway

european chic
european chic
european chic

Posted 5/2/13 by

Are you preparing for a getaway this summer vacation? Whether you’re planning on stamping your passport overseas or staying in the states, the European style is one that you can accomplish anywhere! If you are planning on vacationing on the beaches of Italy or exploring the city of London, you’ll certainly want to check out these trends so you don’t look and feel too much like an American tourist. And even if you aren’t flying to another continent – European fashion is so chic you can wear it anywhere!


Embrace the Structured London Look

Some of the most posh models and celebrities come from the U.K. (ie. Victoria Beckham and Harry Styles – hot!) There is no reason why you can’t embrace that same structured London look. British style is all about clean lines and fashion-forward pieces. When embracing an English look for the summer, try a pair of high waist shorts or an A-line skirt with a light, short-sleeve blouse. Choose materials that aren’t heavy. When the sun goes down at night, opt for a blazer in a bright color with cropped sleeves. Rock a pair of heels, some huge shades, and a big headband to embrace the chic and royally fashionable style.


Rock a Light, Floral, Look Inspired by the Italians

Italian style is impeccable in the summer months. The clothes are filled with beautiful, bright colors and floral prints. Most of the materials are light, like a cotton or linen. Opt for a tunic dress in white or beige, with a floral design or a pretty, high-waist maxi dress. Keep your shoes simple, with a pair of strappy flat sandals. Also, don’t fear big, exuberant, jewelry…the Europeans take pride in their accessories and are fearless in their style!

Italian Charm


Look jolie in Parisian Fashion

If you aren’t fluent in French, “jolie” translates as pretty! Parisians are known for rocking a confident, natural look without too much fuss. They don’t go overboard in accessories and flair, and they look effortlessly chic and confident. For a summer look inspired by the stylish Parisians, go for an all-white look. Pick a pair of white pants that hit right at the ankle, and pair it with a light, off-white sweater. This bright look will appear fresh in the warmer months and it’s a crisp, clean outfit to pull off no matter where you are in the world.


No matter, where you’re heading this summer, it’s easy to embrace the style of the Europeans. Hanging out on the beach? Walk the boardwalk in an Italian-inspired dress. Spending the summer interning in the city? Look structured in a proper English look. And if you’re actually vacationing in Europe, these tips should keep you from the biggest fashion faux pas – looking like a tourist!

Rachel Crocetti

My name is Rachel Crocetti and I'm currently a sophomore at Hofstra University studying Journalism and Photography. I am one of the campus correspondents for Hofstra's chapter of Her Campus and also a web intern at Cosmopolitan Magazine. I'm very excited to continue writing about college experiences while I'm personally "living the college life." I love writing, photography, tea, yoga, and exploring NYC with friends. I'm also obsessed with Twitter and occasionally tweet some quirky things...follow me @rcrocetti!


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