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5 Ways to Play With Color This Spring!



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Matching your colors properly will make your current wardrobe go much further! Creativity goes a long way!


Learning the habits of proper color matching with all the accessories, patterns and shapes can take a little practice and time. This guide is a great start!

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5 Forgotten Items Every Girl Needs In Her Spring Wardrobe

Get Creative with Colors!

Spring is here, which means outfits are changing from snow pants to skirts, fur to silk and boots to sandals! So what’s the best way to transition from winter to spring? It all starts with adding color to your wardrobe. Spring brings a plethora of colors, ranging from deep jewel tones, soft pastels and the still popular neons.

But what are the best ways to wear and match colors? Bright pants, pastel sweaters and an array of color choices can be a tad overwhelming. The following 5 tips will help you select the best color combinations for spring and explain how to wear the looks best.



Balance a colorful top with neutral pants.

Balance a colorful top with neutral pants.

1. It’s all about balance 

The first rule of color is to not overwhelm your outfit with it. Piling on colors can get out of hand quickly. Our rule-of-thumb is to focus on no more than 3 colorful items.

Too much color can make your outfit look overly busy and lose its focus. You’ll want your outfit to catch other’s attention, but not necessarily distract them.

Try balancing bright tops with neutral bottoms. One the right, you see how a pink blouse and white pants would work very well together.

Other looks that go together are pastels and jeans. Try a pastel sweater with light washed jeans on a cool night. Dresses are also a great spring option! Rocking a colorful dress with nude flats or wedges is a great combination.

Just remember that too much color can ruin a look. It’s all about wearing enough color to pop but not so much that you start to look like your younger siblings first Easter egg.


2. Brighten up with colorful jewelry 

Bring a splash of color to a more muted outfit by adding colorful jewelry. The great thing about jewelry is that it can add just enough color to make an outfit pop. Try some bright stud earrings or a pastel colored necklace to add some color to a spring ensemble.

Jewelry is also an easy way to refresh an outfit! Changing up your colored jewelry on an outfit can give it an entirely new spin and is a great way to make an outfit look different and fresh every time. This is an easy way to experiment with color combinations and try new looks without investing in an entirely new outfit.

Colored jewelry allows you to be a bit more rebellious with your color choices. Mix and match different colored pieces, such as a bright pink ring and a green or dark blue necklace. Just don’t wear so many accessories that you get lost in them! Brighten up a white top with a statement necklace, or bring some interest to your ensemble by wearing earrings that contrast your outfit’s color.


Hot pink is an awesome color for jewelry- this necklace even rocks the ombre look!



Mint green is a big color this spring!


Add a small pop of color with some neon studs.




Colored blazers are fun and fresh.

 3. Throw on a cute and colorful blazer

Spring can be chilly at times, so why not spruce up an outfit with a colorful blazer? Blazers have been all the rage (outside the office) for the past year and are still a big trend for spring.

Find them in lighter fabrics such as cotton or polyester so you don’t sweat in the lovely spring time weather. If you’re not a fan of long sleeves, find one that allows the sleeves to roll, or choose one with three-quarter sleeves.

One look we love is wearing an extra bright blazer with  simple jeans. You can also try adding a pastel blazer over a different colored pastel top.

The picture on the left shows the blazer matched with a print top to pull out a specific color in the pattern. Wearing a bright blazer and dark top also creates a great contrast.



4. Don’t be afraid to mix and match! 

Have some fun with your outfits and mix and match your colors. Pastels are super easy to mix and match; almost any two pastel colors look great together! We would recommend to be a little more cautious with the neon colors.

Graphic tees and  multicolored stripes are also great ways to mix colors. Successful color combos you can easily remember to use are pink and green, orange and purple, pink and purple, yellow and navy and gold and teal.

Try to stay within the same hue (pair pastels together, jewel tones together) to make the outfit flow better. Despite so many amazing colors you can match, don’t forget you have to option to wear the same color in different shades. Below we give you more examples of spring color mixing.

For a different take on color combinations, wear two different shades of the same color.

For a different take on color combinations, wear two different shades of the same color.

Pastels look great together, such as these baby pink pants with mint green top.

Pastels look great together, such as these mint green shorts with pale purple top.


Stripes are an easy way to mix colors.





Prints are an easy way to utilize color in an outfit.

Add this jacket over the floral print dress to bring out the blue in the print.

5. Embrace prints

If you’re not feeling quite confident in your color combining skills, wear a print to get your needed dose of color. Prints are a great way to use color without stressing if it works together or not.

Try matching a powerful print with basic jewelry and neutral shoes to make yourself a winning outfit. Pull out a certain color in a printed top by wearing it with a sweater in the same color. To be a bit more daring, rock a pair of printed pants for a big shot of color. Wear them with a top that has a matching color in the print to look create a chic  look.



With these tips, we hope you will be able to fully embrace color this spring and create some amazing outfits. Color is easy to manage once you know how to use it. Get ready for better weather by adding some color into your wardrobe today!

What are your favorite color combinations or styling tips for using color? We’d love to know your tips and tricks for using colors in spring outfits. Even better, post a photo and we could feature you on our website and Facebook page.


Photos Credit: FOREVER 21

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Linzy Anna is a senior at Mizzou studying strategic communications in the j-school. She is a professional model, writer for Josephine Magazine, blogger for MOVE! magazine and part-time employee at Marshalls. She loves being a Big for Big Brothers Big Sisters, owls, chocolate, traveling, dancing, modeling and acting.


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