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How to have a Boyfriend and Guy Friends

Posted 1/29/12 by James Bailey

Boyfriend vs. Guyfriend Ok, Ladies. This is how to have a boyfriend and guyfriend from a boyfriend’s perspective.. It’s a tricky situation that varies from couple to couple but here are some general guides to use if you are to maintain a healthy relationship. Some of these suggestions are based by experience and conversations with [...]

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Orchestrating The First Date

Posted 1/19/12 by Rob Courson

The First Date Alright, gentlemen… Show of hands… Who remembers the movie “Pleasantville”? It’s the 1950’s. Elvis was still the King, poodle skirts dominated the ladies fashion scene, we all knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the communists were the “bad guys” and chivalry remained in its prime.  Yes, that indeed was a [...]

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