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5 Qualities Guys Like in a Girlfriend

Ladies, there are many qualities guys will like about you, but I’ve put this list together from my own personal dating experience and countless conversations with my friends and other guys about this. I hope by the end of...


6 Tips For a Healthy Relationship

College Relationship Advice Men, you need to be prepared and well trained in the art of woman. You’re in college and dating is much more relaxed than high school but you aren’t necessarily an expert in a healthy rel...


Nice guys finish last

Nice Guys Vs. Bad Boys [VIDEO]

What is better? Nice Guys or Bad Boys?! Age old battle between nice guys and bad boys. Here KassemG asks some ladies on Venice Beach. These girls let us know the various opinions which most “nice guys” spend way too...

How to have a guy friend and a relationship

How to have a Boyfriend and Guy Friends

Boyfriend vs. Guyfriend Ok, Ladies. This is how to have a boyfriend and guyfriend from a boyfriend’s perspective.. It’s a tricky situation that varies from couple to couple but here are some general guides to use if...
by James Bailey



Think Like A Man: One Night Stand

The One Night Stand In College I have both guy and girl friends and they tend to view a one night stand in college differently. So here’s the situation: my best guy friend recently turned to me and told me about one of his se...
by Amy Willsey