Living the College Life


Weed Influence

Does Weed Attract Girls?

Let’s talk about weed. I don’t smoke it, but I’m around it and the culture quite often, often enough to start to figure out trends of my marijuana-addicted friends and acquaintances. Most of these trends are really simple...
by Armani Alejandro

College Relationships

Orchestrating The First Date

The First Date Alright, gentlemen… Show of hands… Who remembers the movie “Pleasantville”? It’s the 1950’s. Elvis was still the King, poodle skirts dominated the ladies fashion scene, we all knew beyond a shadow of ...
by Rob Courson


Just Friends

Can Guys and Girls Be Just Friends?

Gentlemen, you see your girlfriend with all her guy “friends” and we guys KNOW these guys would hook up with your girl the second they got the chance. She introduces you to them and your expression as you shake hand...


When to End Your Relationship

  There are times in a relationship – some early on, some years later – that trigger a red flag to go up. This red flag is there for good reason. It’s there to tell you it’s not going to work, it’s time to move o...
by Abby Downs


Nice guys finish last

Nice Guys Vs. Bad Boys [VIDEO]

What is better? Nice Guys or Bad Boys?! Age old battle between nice guys and bad boys. Here KassemG asks some ladies on Venice Beach. These girls let us know the various opinions which most “nice guys” spend way too...



The Breakup Gauntlet

It’s 8:30PM on some idle Tuesday evening. You’ve been cramming for the past three hours for perhaps the most monumental final exam of your undergraduate career. Your desk is completely covered with reference material an...
by Rob Courson


Think Like A Man: One Night Stand

The One Night Stand In College I have both guy and girl friends and they tend to view a one night stand in college differently. So here’s the situation: my best guy friend recently turned to me and told me about one of his se...
by Amy Willsey


College Break Up

How To Deal With Breakup

Reacting to a Breakup Ladies I want you to imagine that it’s about 7 pm at night, you’re girlfriend calls you hysterically crying and yelling profanities like, “I f****** hate him” etc. We all know what’s about to hap...
by Claire

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

From Player To Gentleman in 3 Steps

Drop the Game and Pickup More Girls? Player. Many college men have discovered that this simple six letter word is admired among fellow men and abandoned by women who’ve learned to know better. Lets be honest, women worth ...
by Armani Alejandro


gossip girl 270810

Why More Sex In College?

  Here are 3 reasons why college students are more sexually active: 1. Nature As a students between the ages of 18-26 your body is telling you to reproduce. Simple as that. We are turning into young adults wired to keep th...