5 Tips to Conquer: Test Tomorrow vs. Party Tonight.

Crushed Between a Party and Exam?

Well you’ve made it. College.

Nice, isn’t it?

Have all of your classes picked out? Awesome.

You have a roommate of the year candidate? Perfect.

 What’s Next?

As you slowly but dramatically drop your backpack onto your dorm room floor, you walk towards the window, look outside, take a deep breath and say, “I’m here”.

You’re walking towards the main building to meet with your advisor when you see a bright pink flyer on the ground with the headline, “Freshman Pool Party Tonight”. You suddenly turn the other way to ask your roommate next to you if he’s going. Of course he is. After all, he DID show up wearing Hawaiian leis, blue sunglasses and a fedora when you first met.

He recommends going to the local market to pick up some “party favors” for tonight. You’re leaving the store when you suddenly realize that you’ve missed your advising appointment. “Sh*t”.

Traditionally, college education is mainly utilized for students to discover exactly which contribution they would like to give to the world while at the same time being appropriately compensated for the work efforts they put into their studies during and after college graduation as they enter what is most popularly known to students as “the real world”.

Yes, these are known as the greatest years of your life and no, you should not waste them and look back years from now regretting not allowing yourself to have the full college experience because you made a promise to your parents that if you stayed in your dorm room studying 7 nights a week rather than partying with your frat boy or sorority sister friends, they would get you that shiny new car you’ve been eyeing since high school.


The most popular issue that ALL college students have is not being able to balance studies with that sweet college social life they’ve been craving for so long.


Here are 5 ways to avoid potential academic probation



If you are going to make that 8am test, you’re going to have to get at least 6 hours of sleep every night. Additionally, try to sneak a nap for an hour or two sometime in the afternoon. Is your roommate making fun of you because you’re in bed at 10pm while he’s fist-pumping the night away at his frat house? Let him. He’ll most likely miss that test. You will at least be awake for it.


Know what’s coming up. Test next week? Mark it on your calendar. Job interview? Mark it. Did you lose a bet to a friend and you have to do his/her laundry for a month? Mark it. This will inevitably help you stay organized and up to date on everything.


Math, science, cooking, ping pong, or debate. Being part of a club or team will help you maintain a solid social status while at the same time emphasizing studies without too much distractions.


Make a daily schedule that allows yourself to stay up to date with your assignments. Wake up at the same time every day if you have to. Have a favorite item at the campus dining hall? Call a friend from one of your clubs or teams and do that every day. Routine helps the brain to remember important tasks and keeps you moving throughout the day.


Pretty self explanatory. You’re in college! Don’t consume yourself with work. Get out there! Find out what really interests you and try new things. Sitting in your dorm room waiting for something awesome to happen just won’t cut it. Make the first move. After all….it’s your life.


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